2023 In-Season Tournament

NBA In-Season Tournament Tracker: Knockout Rounds matchups, schedule

Group Play is complete. Only 8 teams remain as the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament moves on to the single-elimination Knockout Rounds.

It’s time for the Knockout Rounds as the NBA In-Season Tournament continues.

Keep track of the bracket and schedule before a champion is crowned on Saturday, Dec. 9 in Las Vegas.

Knockout Rounds schedule

The Knockout Rounds will begin on Dec. 4. The Quarterfinals will be played in home markets, while the Semifinals and Championship will be played in Las Vegas at T-Mobile Arena.




All times are Eastern Standard Time. 

How the Knockout Rounds work

All games are single-elimination. This stage features three rounds in the span of one week: Quarterfinals > Semifinals > Championship.

The last team standing will win the new In-Season Tournament trophy, the NBA Cup.

Games played in the Quarterfinals and Semifinals will count as regular season games. The Championship is the only In-Season Tournament game that will not count towards regular season records and stats.

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Knockout Rounds seeding

Here’s how seeding turned out following team performance in Group Play:

Bucks (East #1, Group B winner)
Pacers (East #2, Group A winner)
Celtics (East #3, Group C winner)
Knicks (East #4, Wild Card)

Lakers (West #1, Group A winner)
Kings (West #2, Group C winner)
Pelicans (West #3, Group B winner)
Suns (West #4, Wild Card)

Group Play standings

A full breakdown of the standings, including point differential, can be found here.

Group Play results 

Every game played on the dates below counted towards the In-Season Tournament’s Group Play stage. Hit each link to see game results from that specific date.

In-Season Tournament stat leaders

Who will make the first-ever All-Tournament Team? Stay up to date on the top performers from the In-Season Tournament here and see who leads Matt Petersen’s latest Tournamnent MVP Ladder.