Nets vs. Bucks Game 6: Kevin Durant, Joe Harris, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 104-89 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.


On falling behind early in the game:

"It did hurt to have a tough start for sure. It’s a common theme here. We’ve given up tough starts, we’ve clawed back in but haven’t had enough. And frankly, we haven’t played well here. So I could point to a lot of things. We definitely have a lot to clean up and it was one of those nights where you could just tell we didn’t quite have our fastball. That’s what this is all about is persevering, is finding ways to come back and bounce back, and that’s why we were able to push through and finished second in the East and that’s why we have Game 7 on our home floor.”

On closing deficits but not catching Bucks:

"I would say that's fair. We didn't look like we had a ton of energy all night. I think we wanted it, we just couldn't find it. And when you can't find that rhythm, it makes it even harder, and so it's kind of chicken-and-the-egg. Is the rhythm because you don't have the energy, or is it compounded because you don't have a rhythm? So it was just not our best game; we didn't play well. Lots of things we could have done better, improved on for next game. But like I said, it's now about how we respond."

On being outscored 26-4 in transition:

"Yeah, definitely hurt us. You know, that's where they're really strong, in transition. I thought we had some problems getting back in transition. We didn't create anything in transition. So that was a huge discrepancy that I thought really hurt us tonight. The slow start, the transition points, offensive rebounds, and when you add it all up, it's tough to win that way.”


On Bucks breaking game open in fourth quarter:

“When Joe hit that three, like I said, to cut it to five and the momentum switched when they came down and got the three shots. Called a timeout and they just regrouped after that and for the most part offensively, couple possessions we stagnant, turned the ball over, but for the most part we still just kept playing and that’s what we all about. Just keep playing, keep trying to win the possession. Offense, we’re trying to patch things together and make plays for each other but sometimes it’s not gonna be there so I think defensively we tried to lock in as much as possible after our offense was starving, but we put ourselves in position to be in the game late but they made a huge run.”

On Nets shooting 9-for-30 on 3-pointers:

“You could chalk it up to a lot of that stuff. Maybe we rushed a few shots. Maybe they got a good contest or we just missed. But we can’t concern ourselves with that. We put the work in every day as individuals and we’ve got to trust in that once the games come around. But defensively, turn the ball over early like we did, we can’t allow that stuff. Shot’s gonna go in and you’re gonna go through lulls where you can’t make a shot. But we’ve gotta stay disciplined and keep the ball in our hands and take good shots.”

On James Harden:

"He was moving better today but you know that's a tough, tough injury he's gutting it out for us. We're not expecting too much from him movement wise but he's going out there and giving it his all and we respect that."


On view of some key fouls:

“There were a couple of calls that obviously at pretty pivotal moments of the game. We can’t, it really doesn’t do any good to argue it, disagree with it, whatever. The call was made and you’ve gotta live with it. We’ve gotta be a little better defensively especially a couple situations there where, Khris is obviously a great player. Very smart. If you put your hand in there you know he’s gonna try and draw a foul especially from the 3-point line.”

On Bucks countering Nets runs:

"Their season’s on the line. You obviously play with a level of desperation and urgency and it helps being at home, too. You obviously have the crowd and energy behind you. Every time it seemed it like momentum was starting to shift a little bit they countered it and made some big plays.”

On issue with offense:

"Obviously they played really physical. They have the entire series, but in particular today, it seemed like that was a point of emphasis for them on both ends. Offensively they were trying to put their head down and get to the rim. Defensively, just being physical, forcing guys into the paint, and it took us out of our actions a little bit. I felt that there were times there that we definitely got some good offense that was being run, but for the most part, it was a little stagnant, ball didn't necessarily move, not enough pace, guys moving off the ball, Kevin has the ball in the post or has it in the high quad, we've got to do a better job creating space for him and moving off the ball."