Nets vs. Bucks Game 4: Jeff Green and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 107-96 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.


On if Irving injury deflated Nets:

"Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe that was in play a little bit. We just – we didn’t execute very well, and I think that was the gut punch. We had a hard time executing offensively, we had some defensive breakdowns, like I mentioned uncharacteristically for this series we gave them some opportunities in transition – not matching up and giving up three pointers. So, maybe that was some of it more so than the injuries because we were struggling a little bit, trying to get our mojo going. But yeah, it’s never going to be easy. It’s the playoffs. We are going to face adversity. We have to allow the adversity to make us stronger instead of hanging our heads."

On PJ Tucker's defense on Durant:

"I don't see anything that's changed after last game. He played that way before they had their altercation. He's playing extremely physical and made it difficult. That's his role on their team and I thought it was borderline non-basketball physical at times, but that's the playoffs. You have to adapt and adjust. Something definitely in a sense changed from the way the game was played in Brooklyn and here in Milwaukee. We’ve got to adapt, we’ve got to adjust, we’ve got to try and make it easy and like I said everyone has got to be aggressive, play and pinch in and be a part of that offense instead of try and be predictable and singling Kevin out."

On affect of Irving injury on Mike James, James Harden:

"I think, first with Mike, he’s going to play. He’s played for us since James went down. He is going to play again. But everyone’s got to play. All the complementary guys have got to play and be aggressive and confident – so, we’re going to need everyone to give it a great effort, especially if Ky can’t play. And then James, I think it’s an independent case. Like, I don’t want James to be rushed back. If he’s able to play next game or the game after, that’s fantastic. If he’s not, we don’t want to rush him back and jeopardize doing something worse or making this a long-term injury. So, we’ll see. We will have to take all these things into account and evaluate them and try to make a smart decision.”


On how he feels physically:

“Tired. But I knew that was gonna happen. I’ve gotta find my rhythm sitting out that long. Especially for the players it’s tough to just bounce back in and try to come out and be who I was before the injury. The rhythm has to come. I wasn’t tired tired, but I got a little fatigued. It’s tough to replicate game-like situations especially with playoff intensity. It’ll come back. I’ve gotta get my rest and try to do whatever I can to help our team in Game 5.”

On Milwaukee's 3-point shooting:

“They just made shots. They’re good players. Jrue and Khris, they’re good players. I think they just made shots. It wasn’t like we allowed them to shoot. Throughout the series they’ve been missing a lot of shots. They got a rhythm and they just got it going. That’s how they got the lead.”

On if return of injury issues was deflating:

“Of course. It’s always deflating when one of our guys go down but like we always have been through the year it’s next man up. They went on a run and we just didn’t bounce back. There’s no excuses. Everybody’s prepared, everybody’s ready. Just glad this it’s just a sprain and nothing more and hopefully he can heal up in the next 48.”