Nets vs. Celtics Game 5: James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 123-109 win over Boston

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 123-109 win over the Boston Celtics.


On winning series and Harden's triple-double:

"The feeling is one of excitement to move on and to face a great challenge in Milwaukee and to get prepared and to go do it again. We're excited for the next step and the next challenge and James was great tonight obviously. A triple-double, controlled the game, made shots and made his teammates better. He was terrific."

On big three chemistry through series:

"I think that they are getting further along. Every time out whether it's good or bad performance whether it's cohesive or not I think it leads itself to more growth, more understanding, more cohesion. Some of it is they're just terrific players and able to take over the game in stretches individually. A little bit of both and we're going to need both if we're to continue to get better."

On one thing necessary to beat Bucks:

"It's difficult to say one thing. If I had to say one thing, I always like to lean on mental toughness. Being able to have the resolve to continue to work, to fight, to persevere no matter if the game's going well or not. Never giving up, never giving an inch and giving yourself a chance on the mental side to compete fully. But of course, technically there's a bunch of things that you want to go well for your side to have the upper hand."


On being first Net since Jason Kidd with playoff triple-double:

"J Kidd is one of them ones. He’s one of the elite point guards that this league has ever seen obviously with his playmaking ability. He’s a big guard. He just did so many things at the time in New Jersey that us young guys looked at. So shoutout to J Kidd. I just came here to make an impact on the game, whether it’s scoring, whether it’s rebounding, whether it’s my ability to pass the basketball, whatever the case may be. Every game is a little bit different, but I just take what the defense gives me and I play basketball. I try to play basketball the right way each possession."

On when he'll start thinking of Bucks:

“Personally, I’m thinking about them right now, just the matchups and things that they do on both ends of the ball. Obviously, we know how good they are on both sides and their individual talents. Tomorrow we’ve got an off day and on Thursday we go watch film and prepare for them.”

On connecting with Durant and Irving:

“Obviously, there’s some things we’ve got to work on. Obviously, communication and just where guys like the ball. It has to come fairly quick. For me, I pretty much know, but I think communication goes a long way. As long as we’re aggressive and we kind of communicate throughout the course and our coaches do a great job of putting us in positions, that’s all that matters. I think if the rest are on the same page and playing well, we can communicate with the rest of the guys where to be on both ends of the ball, I’ll take our chances against anybody.”


On winning series and looking at Bucks:

"We just want to take it one day at a time. Obviously when you get ahead of ourselves, that usually doesn’t work out for us so we just want to take it one day at a time as we develop more of a collective effort that we can be consistent with. I just feel like we’ve made strides in a short period of time. It feels like three weeks ago we were talking about getting on the same page, doing the little things in order for us to win, continuously boxing out, rebounding and stopping teams from feeling comfortable against us out there. So in any competitive field, you want your opponent to feel some type of physicality so you make it harder on them, and I feel like we did that."

On playing with Harden and Durant:

"We don’t want to take any of this time for granted, and we know this doesn’t happen too often in our culture, in our history where three of the best scorers to ever play the game are on one team, and then you have a collection of guys that have done unbelievable things in this league, either coming off the bench or starting with us. So we just want everyone to feel good. We’re a selfless group. We try to make sure it’s not just about us three, but we understand that the expectations is on us to perform and to lead our team. It’s just inevitable so we welcome that. We just don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves.”

On matchup with Milwaukee:

“I think it’s meant for a lot of the best players in the league to go up against one another and show why we are who we are. Mutual respect on both sides for what we are capable of doing talent wise. We obviously know it’s going to be some adjustments made on the fly when we are going up against each other. Offense is going to be easy to go by sometimes and tough. We just have to learn from the game plan and we will have a few days to prepare with. Basketball is basketball. Like I said, once we step on the floor, it’s who can score the most and get the most stops.”

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