Nets vs. Kings: James Harden, Joe Harris, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 127-118 win over Sacramento

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 127-118 win over the Sacramento Kings.


On whether might have lost game a few weeks ago:

“Certainly. I think I think that's a fair statement. We've grown, we’ve come together a lot more, and you can just feel the energy amongst players. The bond is formed. And that's something that you have to invest in every day. And that connectivity, like I always say, the guys are investing that energy and support into each other every night. And that makes you tough to beat. So, I think we've turned a corner in that respect; we're getting a little bit better at everything we do. And tonight, let's not forget Jeff Green who has been so important to us, without TLC, Landry gets dinged up and is out, and we piece it together and had people step up and make plays. So great team effort.”

On early offense, late defense:

“I think our defense is improved. We’ve been good in stretches. We still need to be more consistent. I think tonight some of that was all the parameters of getting back from this trip, playing a very difficult offensive team, and playing a bunch of guys that hadn’t played for us this year. Lot of things thrown in there, but overall, we had our stretches defensively and in particularly when it counted. A long way to go there, but we are improving I think every week.”

On having fans back in building:

“You can hear ‘em. I’m not gonna say it was Friday night, 18,000, but it was nice to have people in the building. I thought it gave us a little bit more life and hopefully it’s safe and just the beginning of bringing in fans. Little things like that give the players a boost. It’s been a difficult year, and as long as we can do it safely it’s exciting for everyone.”


On difference from a few weeks ago:

“I think we’ve definitely been more engaged, locked in on the defensive end. Teams are starting to really feel us. More early on, especially. I think tonight was a let-up from where we had been building to, but we kind of found our rhythm there defensively in the fourth quarter and got stops when we needed to.”

On having fans back in building:

“Just having somebody in there to cheer you on is better than nothing. So, it was definitely nice even though 300 is not a lot in the big arena. But it’s still a better feel than the empty ones.”

On seven-game win streak:

“I think you just play with more confidence. It’s like anything. It’s like when you hit five in a row. You’re probably going to have more confidence that you’re going to hit the sixth. It’s the same thing collectively as a team. When you’re winning games, you have the same level of confidence. I think even tonight, too, where they make a run in the fourth quarter and test you a little bit. You still have the confidence where, ‘alright, we’re still going to win this game.”


On sparking win streak:

"It might have been that Pistons game, it's not one thing particular. It might just be we're tired of losing, let's start winning by any means necessary whatever it takes. Each guy has been locked in. We've had so many, a few guys in and out of lineups but the next man up the next man ready to go. Obviously Jeff, TLC was out tonight but guys came in and was prepared and played big minutes and they stepped up."

On avoiding loss to bad team:

“I think for us, we can’t worry about what happened two weeks ago or our mindset. I think now we’re in a whole different mindset. We’ve just got to stay that way. I think we don’t look at the names on the jersey, we look at ourselves and figure out how can we be great every single night. We prepare ourselves as much as we can and then we go out there and play our brand of basketball every single night, and as of lately, we’ve been doing that at a high level and which we’ll continue to do that."

On Nic Claxton's season debut:

"Very good. He's great. sets screens, rolls to the basket, obviously it's his first time out there all season long. It felt good, I'm happy for him to actually be on the court. As I've been here he's been training and trying to get in shape and get healthy and get his body right. So it felt good I'm sure for him to be on the court and actually showing the work that he's been putting in. As the games continue to go on he'll get confidence and he'll continue to be better."

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