Nets vs. Pistons: Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 122-111 loss to the Detroit Pistons.


On becoming more consistent:

“It's up to the team to decide what type of team they want to be, what they want to get out of this experience. I'm sure every team is going through this to some extent, with the heavy schedule, missing bodies, all sorts of stuff thrown at us, so I don't think we're in isolation here. I think there's a lot of teams that struggle with this from different nights. But I think our team needs to challenge themselves and figure out who they want to be, and what they want to represent together. So, having played the game, a certain amount of that comes down to team building within that locker room, and deciding if they want to come together and be a force, or if that's not as important. And I think right now they've been tested here whether they want to become that team that is tough and connected and competitive every single night. And that’s got to come from within that room. As coaches we’ll keep trying to get better and solve some of the issues but I think the number one issue on a night like tonight was just the competitive spirit start the game, particularly.”

On Kyrie Irving's finger:

“I think he's okay to continue. I thought he played pretty well tonight. It wasn't classic by him but he obviously had some incredible plays and produced, so I think there's every reason to believe he can play through it and at the same time getting a comfort with where it's at. Whatever the finger presents, the finger will present. And if he's able to play, he's a tough cookie and will play and if he's not, he needs rest. So, we'll see how it goes but I think he'll be able to play.”

On navigating circumstances, Durant absence:


On biggest issue at the start:

“Just coming out aggressive and making them feel us. A lot of teams come out very comfortable against us and then that's kind of the feel for the rest of the game is that we're playing catchup and that's just not the way to play as a competitor just always down. Though we have the talent to come back, it's just not the way to play. We want to dominate on both ends of the floor especially on the defensive end and make them uncomfortable that way we put ourselves in a better position. So just starting off the game better.”

On struggling against teams with lesser records:

“It is pretty glaring when game to game and especially when the records are you know being used as a reason on why we're not going out there and playing hard. I don't accept that. I don't think our team accepts it as a whole. Obviously we don't want that to be on what teams think about us. We're seeing it day-in and day-out where teams are coming in and punching us in the month early and we're playing catch up and it happens to be against the guys with the least best records. And we gotta call it to what it is and we gotta fix that. It takes a maturity that takes accountability and that takes a realization on what we need to do moving forward. Every day. Every day guys.”

On finding consistency:


On finding defensive consistency:

“Communication. We've gotta have a sense of urgency on the defensive end. We've got a lot of guys who can score all the points. I don't think offense is gonna be our problem with the threats that we have on that side of the basketball but defensively we have some lapses. We've gotta be better. I mean, --- I've gotta be better for us, defensively. We all have to be better. But I just take a little bit more ownership on that end of the ball because that is a thing that I love and a big part of why I think I'm out there for us. So we've gotta be better, but I take a lot of that.”

On struggling against teams with lesser records:

“At the end of the day, the guys that we're playing, regardless of record, are professional athletes, are professional basketball players. They're out there for a reason, regardless of how their team is as a whole, and you know, we can't play people's records or score, we just have to continue to play the game of basketball the right way. I can't shoot it and we can't turn it on when we're down big and then expect to get back in the basketball game. Some nights it works, and some nights you get your ass kicked, and that's a part of respecting the game.”

On cutting lead to two points, but no further: