Nets vs. Knicks: Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 116-109 win over New York

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 116-109 win over the New York Knicks.


On Kevin Durant's back-to-back:

“He looked good to me. He got to his sports and continues to find his rhythm. He made plays for his teammates again, and like I said before the season, I think it’s 15-20 games minimum for him to even to start to consider, ‘Where am I?’ He looks great and he’s going to continue to feel more and more comfortable.”

On fourth quarter:

“I mean, it’s tricky when you make wholesale changes like that to a group that has no rhythm. The other team has nothing to lose. You can kind of see it coming in a way, but you want to give them the opportunity to learn and grow. So, there’s some things we can teach and clean up, but it’s also just good for them to feel that, feel that tension when you’re trying to hold onto the lead. So, I thought it was valuable for them to feel that and to learn from it.”

On the win:

“Well, it was a good trending point for us today just to see after everything we’ve gone through the last week or so for our guys to buckle down on the fifth in seven nights. We’ve had our struggles, so, that mental toughness and resolve is something that we’re going to continue to push and ask for and to build. So, I was really proud of the way they responded tonight.”


On going forward:

“I think everybody throughout the league is trying to work out the kinks and figure out their lineups and rotations and stuff, and we’re no different. And I think moving forward we will always make adjustments and try to get better every single day. That's always been the goal and try not to worry too much about the future. Just focus on what's in front of us today.”

On focus and strong start to season:

“Just trying to be the best I can each possession and each rep. I've been always trying to take that approach as a pro and then you got guys around you who have that same approach and love for the game. It's making me better and hopefully rubbing off on my teammates as well. ”

On Reggie Perry:

“I love what Reggie brought today. You got a dog over there in Julius Randle who we told him to just guard up you're not gonna see too much help and I think he did a solid job, which is just putting a body in front of him and also rebounding the ball and finishing around the rim and he hit a 3 tonight, too. Reggie plays like a seasoned vet it feels like, but he's still learning every day. But he has that toughness that will allow him to go out there and make good plays when he's on the floor.”


On communication in locker room:

“I think that’s just the thing. We were just trying to focus in and get the win, coming out and competing, extending the way that we’re playing and getting everybody involved and incorporated. It was good to come out here today and compete and go out and get a win."

On his role:

“I don’t think I feel old, but my role is always the same. Come out and compete, try to give us everything that I have on the defensive end. Get my teammates as open as possible, finish everything and everything at the rim, communicate defensively and just try to lead as much as i can. That’s my job on this team whether I start, come off the bench, play 35 minutes or 13 minutes. That’s my job and that’s what I’m gonna continue to do.”

On Bruce Brown:

“He stole a lot of rebounds from Kevin. Nah, I’m just kidding. Bruce is electric, man. His defense was great. He comes in there and gives us a huge spark on both ends of the floor. He picks guys up. He speaks extremely physical. I’m glad that he’s on our team. He’s a pest on defense and offensively, he gets downhill, he creates a lot of pressure on the defense, and he’s making shots, making floaters, making the right basketball plays and it’s only gonna go up from here.”

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