Nets vs. Sixers: Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 122-109 win over Philadelphia

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 122-109 win over the Philadelphia 76ers.


On satisfaction from performance:

“Lots of satisfaction. I mean, they again, for the second night, in a row played incredibly hard, like together, stuck to the gameplan. We didn't give up a bunch of offensive rebounds and didn't turn the ball over. So you add it all up and it was a great performance and just proud of the way they fight, they fight together and have that collectivity. Great, great performance; really proud of them.”

On improving turnovers and rebounding:

“Turnovers are there going to happen, but a part of that is just concentration and playing together, going away from tension, making simple plays. So the more simple plays we make, the more opportunities we get for good shots, and the less opportunities we have to make plays under duress, which can end in turnovers. The rebounding is going to be a collective effort. It was fantastic again, and we’ve got to continue that. That's got to be something that we're on guard and watching over all year and taking pride in and gang rebounding. So it's great to see it, but this isn't like we're solved, we’re a great rebounding team. That's something we’ve got to prove every night the rest of the year.”

On playing without Durant and Irving:

“I think we’re such a, I keep saying, we’re so young as far as our time together, and so fresh and so new, that each day is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better, to get better collectively, and so I don’t know that it sends a message. The message is for the whole group that when we play connected and we have that fighting spirit we give ourselves a great chance every night, no matter who’s available. Just proud of the guys for continuing to push the envelope there. They played well start to finish, did so many things well, but the most important thing is just the way they approached the game, their spirit and their collectivity. This is a tough league, but if you bring that every night, you’ve got a chance no matter who you play.”


On what worked in win:

“I think guys were making shots. We had a great gameplan against those guys defensively. We tried to get out in transition and get some easy ones, and I think we did that in the first half, and in the second half, we did a good job of sustaining that."

On offensive rhythm and ball movement:

“I feel like we did a great job moving the ball. I don’t really feel like that has anything to do with those guys (Irving and Durant) though. I think tonight we’re kind of more used to playing with each other. Those guys have played with each other for a while now so we kind of know things a little bit better. So, the ball moved a little bit better tonight and hopefully we can keep that up tomorrow against the Grizzlies."

On big numbers in two starts this season:

"I think that, obviously, the two games I’ve started Kevin and Ky haven’t played so there’s more opportunity out there. More shots, just more touches. That definitely has a big part of it. And then, you, know, the season just started. I feel like myself along with other guys are still finding our rhythm out there, and it will get better as the season continues for sure."


On playing against Embiid:

“In terms of playing against Joel, I like it. It's a real challenge for me, arguably one of the top three big men in the league if not the best, so it's almost like going back to last game. I want to go out there, prove my worth, prove how much I've improved every single year going from last year playoffs where I don't think I played too good against them. Come to this game and I held my ground, so, I think it's a good point where I can pin myself to see how good I've been getting.”

On improved team rebounding:

“I think it's just us crashing the defensive glass. I don't think anything's too much different. I think that's just giving us that extra edge on defense, locking us in more. So once we get (Durant and Irving) back, we can get them into the mindset of doing that too, and we can be fine.”

On rivalry with Sixers:

“I think honestly, there's some little fire going on up there. Like even looking at the fans, I feel like they think the same thing, too. We play them like eight times a year, so obviously we're gonna start trying to go back and forth at each other. But it's just all good competition. We love going at each other and you know, Jared Dudley really sparked it all.”

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