Nets vs. Lakers: Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert, and Jacque Vaughn Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 104-102 win over Los Angeles

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 104-102 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.


On road win against Lakers:

“It was fun for that to be tested. The fact that it was a tight ball game, on the road, how would we respond through some trial and adversity and through some good times. Good reflection of this open communication and accountability in the locker room amongst each other, so it was fun to compete and be a part of it.”

On pulling out win down the stretch:

“Some composure. I think, for example, Spencer [Dinwiddie] got two fouls called against him but also was able to hit a clutch bucket for us. I think DJ [DeAndre Jordan] did a great job of being vocal in the huddle and calming guys down and letting them realize that we’re in a good place right now, on the road. Let’s take advantage of this situation.”

On Kevin Durant:

“Like I said, it’s a joy having him around to be able to bounce ideas off of him, to get his reactions throughout the course of the game and to be a teammate and have him sitting next to you and give you confidence and give you support and give you guidance. It’s a luxury.”


On composure down the stretch:

“Credit JV [Nets Interim Head Coach, Jacque Vaughn] for having the confidence to draw up the last play for me. I appreciate that. Getting two offensive fouls and letting me finish playing in the fourth and going my direction, especially with guys as talented as Caris [LeVert] on the floor as well.”

On Lakers' final sequence:

“I wasn’t really a part of the action so I can’t tell you like step-for-step how [Anthony Davis] got open, but it just seems like, obviously, Wilson [Chandler] went to cut off the drive by LeBron [James]. We wouldn’t want to give him a layup - that’s a higher percentage shot than an AD three. But considering how well he was shooting it tonight and how talented he is, I’d be lying if I said when I turned around and saw him [wide open] that I wasn’t like [nervous].”

On Kevin Durant:

“I mean, he’s the second-best scorer of all-time, man, and he’s a good dude. His presence overall lifts us. Any time you can pick his brain, that’s big time. He’s won the most prestigious awards this game has to offer, both the regular season MVP and the Finals MVP. He’s one of the best players of all time.”


On magnitude of win:

“It was an extremely big win for us, especially playing against a team like that. They’re playing their best basketball of the season right now, so it was a huge win for us [and] for our confidence going forward, especially starting the road trip off.”

On Wilson Chandler:

“He was huge for us. He had a tough task guarding AD [Anthony Davis] & LeBron [James] so he was huge for us. I think, offensively, he hit a three for us as well, spaced the floor, made some good passes, but you know stuff like that doesn’t even go on the stat sheet. The stuff that he was doing tonight; setting screens, running the floor hard. He was huge for us tonight.”

On defensive success:

“Just being active. We’re a smaller team, especially compared to the [the Lakers]. I think we did a great job of communicating, doubled well when we were doubling and just scrambling, trying to find the next man. It was kind of something that we just put in recently. I think we did a great job at it. Communication was great tonight and it really helped us.”

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