Nets vs. Sixers: Spencer Dinwiddie, Nic Claxton, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 117-111 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.


On the difference in second half:

“Obviously there are two big keys to this game. Give them a lot of credit for the first one, they turned us over a ton – 22 turnovers – and I thought they really hurt us on the glass. I think they ended up having 13 more shots than us, which is not going to work against a really good team. Turnovers and we didn’t rebound the ball like we need to. Credit to them, their length and their athleticism. Ben Simmons had five steals and they were all over the place. We gotta take care of it. We gotta screen better. We gotta pass better. We gotta decision make better. It’s on us too, but first and foremost, credit goes to them. Heck of a defensive team.”

On the difference in intensity:

“They swarmed us defensively. We started to turn it over and then I think we got a little timid. They were definitely the more aggressive team. I thought our energy was darn good the whole game, I was really pleased with our bench and with our young guys. Obviously Nic (Claxton) was really good. That whole group was good, so that bodes well for the future. They kept us afloat there in the first half and did a great job.”


On mental challenge of tough stretch:

“We don’t really have time for a mental struggle. Obviously, our season has been very up and down with injuries and lineups and all of that different stuff, so we have to continue to come together as a group. Our focus can’t be external, it has to be internal. Obviously, getting healthy of course, but just figuring it out and gaining that chemistry with our own units, our own lineups and then once we kind of have ourselves down, then we can impose our will on the other teams.”

On Nets mistakes or Philly defense causing turnovers:

“Obviously, a little bit of both. You have to give credit to them for trying to turn up the defensive pressure. We obviously turned the ball over.”

On dealing with injuries and inconsistent lineups:

“That’s definitely tough, so that’s why I said our focus has to be internal and not external. We have to continue to have the ‘next one up’ mentality, ban together as a unit. Gain as much chemistry as possible, play as together as possible, do all of those things. Then – we can focus externally where we try to impose our will on the other teams. But right now if we try to lock too much in on trying to do other stuff and focus on the other teams, obviously beyond the general scouting report, you lock in on that stuff. But it’s just tough because if we’re not on the same page together, which it will be hard to be because everybody has been out and lineups change every three games. I feel like we probably haven’t had one 9- man rotation for three straight games all season and that’s obviously tough.”


On how he feels after back-to-back strong games:

“It felt good, a good confidence boost knowing I can go out there and produce for my team. My name was called, and I just produced.”

On bench reaction to his 3-pointer:

“It felt good. I think it was the first three I hit, so everybody was excited and my adrenaline just took over.”

On playing real minutes two straight games:

“It’s big, especially against Philly – they’re a solid team, Milwaukee is a solid team. So, me going out there and producing, I think, is just showing everybody and me showing myself, that I can play at the highest level.”