Nets vs. Heat: David Nwaba, Joe Harris, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 109-106 loss to the Miami Heat.


On the final minutes:

“We had opportunities, tons of opportunities. They made plays, we didn’t. Just one of those see-saw games. Like I said, we had our opportunities.”

On if he liked Nets final offensive possessions:

“No, and they did a good job. We were obviously trying to get a switch and a weakness defender. I thought they had good strategy to kind of deter that. It always comes down to do you want to search the mismatch, or do you want to keep the ball moving and stay within your offense. I thought we were seeking a mismatch – got it sometimes, sometimes we didn’t. I thought they did a good job trying to stay out of that mismatch. It was obvious who we were going at, and then when we did get Bam (Adebayo) out there at the 3-point line guarding Spencer (Dinwiddie), Spencer got downhill, we missed. Kind of that simple.”

On opponents defending Spencer Dinwiddie:

“I think they blitzed him. They got it out of his hands a lot, a ton. I think he’s made incredible strides there. I can’t tell you how many open threes we got because they blitzed him, we threw it out. We’ve got to keep trusting that I think. Teams are definitely throwing double teams at him more and more.”


On difference between first and second half:

“I think we played pretty well. It was obviously a competitive game from the start. Just, the end of the game, a few possessions kind of got away from us. We just didn’t do as good as a job as they did to execute down the stretch.”

On the final 90 seconds:

“I thought that we got some really good looks. Obviously, a lot of credit to them for making things tough. But Spencer (Dinwiddie) had some good looks at the rim. We drew up a nice play after the timeout. I had a good look at three and then they just came down and made some good plays. Jimmy (Butler) got to the line. Just overall, they got the ball to bounce their way a couple of times down the stretch. They just did a better job overall executing.”

On David Nwaba:

“David did great. That’s the thing. There’s a lot of opportunities for a lot of different guys and David did a good job coming in. He did an awesome job defensively but then he also gave us a boost offensively. Some tough finishes. He was just really solid for us the entire night.”


On if physicality was the difference:

“Yeah, they did a good job of rebounding. They have some physical guys down there that were very aggressive going after rebounds, so I think we can improve as far as that, but yeah they were physical.”

On if he feels he's establishing himself:

“I’m just trying to do what I can and just go out there, bring some energy, just play hard, just play the right way, shoot open shots and whatever happens, happens. That’s what I’m trying to bring to this team and continue to do that every opportunity I get.”

On what he looks for offensively:

“Just take the open shots. I’ve been just trying to do that. I’ve been trying to be aggressive going to the basket every opportunity I get. There’s opportunities out there, I just gotta help the team on the offensive end. I know I can do that on the defensive end, so I just gotta be aggressive every opportunity I get.”