Nets vs. Celtics: Garrett Temple, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 112-107 win over the Boston Celtics.


On matching Boston's physicality:

“I thought physically we were really, really good. I think that’s what kept us in the game or getting the lead, I think it was our physical presence. I thought from the tip, we were ready, and we sustained it too. They came on real strong at the end. Obviously, they went super small, but they’re still strong, fast and have really good athletes. I felt like DeAndre (Jordan) really helped us. There was a stretch there where he was just grabbing every board and kind of clearing everybody out. I think that was huge too.”

On where the Nets stand:

“I think the record says we’re about average. I don’t want to start saying we’re ready for the lead or we’re starting to talk about top seeds or anything like that. I think we’re still building this thing. I think this stretch has really helped us that we do have depth and we can get through; and everybody’s talking about Kyrie, there’s also Caris Levert who is out. You could argue two of our best players. I think moments like these really make your team stronger. I think physically, we’re standing. That was one of my concerns. We’re playing these guys a lot of minutes, we’re running Spencer a lot of minutes, but we’ve managed it decently and again have to keep trusting that bench. I think their defensive identity was evident tonight. I do feel good momentum. I feel like the group’s coming together from a spiritual, chemistry standpoint. Especially, I think this was important. Can you beat a really, really good team when you’re shorthanded. I know we were home. I know it was a noon game, but that gives us a lot more confidence.”

On defending Kemba Walker:

“I think I said it, this is kind of like a little bit when you have two games, it reminds me of the playoffs, like, oh man, you’ve got to look at the tape. We’ve got to make some adjustments. And we did. I think that helped us. Don’t make too big a deal out of the adjustments. Sometimes it’s just your defensive force and execution. I thought we were at a higher level. I told the guys before the game, I felt like the first game Boston did all the dirty work. That was the rebounding, that was the loose balls, and we kind of took care of the little things on top of playing initially good defense.”


On difference between Wednesday's loss:

“Obviously, we got more stops. We held them to under 100. Anytime we do that, we have a chance to win the game. That’s kind of the hallmark of our group right now. When we went on this run, we’ve been able to hold teams right around that 100-point mark. Garrett Temple, Joe Harris, Taurean Prince are doing a great job shooting the ball. DJ (DeAndre Jordan), J (Jarrett Allen) crashing to the rim, getting lobs and dunks and all that stuff.”

On defending Kemba Walker:

“Having our bigs be a couple steps further up. You saw in the Boston game we had a little bit different scheme and he was kind of ducking behind the pick, shooting threes. When he makes threes at a high level their team really gets rolling because you’ve got Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum killing you in both the mid-range and at the rim and then Kemba’s killing you from deep. Theycan score from all three levels which makes them a really tough cover. Anytime you can try to take away one of those attack vectors you have a better chance of winning. WE held them under 100 so we did our job today.”

On his role when Kyrie Irving returns:

“We’re just taking it game by game right now. Me and him haven’t talked about playing together personally since the summer. Obviously there was a lot of reports about that. When he comes back we’ll talk about that stuff. As great as a talent as he is we need to figure out how to work around what he needs to do versus the other way around.”


On importance of first minutes of fourth quarter:

“It was real big for us. Exactly right. It was kind of the opposite, especially late third quarter on Wednesday, early fourth quarter. We flipped that around. Built that cushion. Along with the first quarter, building that cushion right away. But in the fourth, those first two or three minutes were real big for us getting stops, continuing to give us confidence. At home the crowd got into it and we were able to keep the lead and put them away.”

On biggest adjustment from Wednesday's loss:

“Keeping Kemba from having 36 or whatever he had. Just understanding the game plan. We were a little higher on the pick and rolls so Kemba didn’t get as many threes. Credit the coaching staff for changing that game plan and then credit JA and DJ for being able to, give up a few layups, but for the most part keep him off the 3-point line. When he makes threes, they win. So we kept him from making threes. We rebounded a lot better. Kanter didn’t make as much of an impact on the game. And Spence was really fantastic for us with basically almost a double-double in the first half and then scoring for four quarters.”

On team's confidence growing:

“A lot of confidence, man. Obviously without our leader, without Ky, without Caris, we’re a little shorthanded. But we still have enough talent to win every game we play. Guys are gaining that confidence day-in and day-out every game. Like you said, 6-2 shows that we have a lot of depth on this team even without out top two or three scorers. So it’s gonna bode well for us in the future late in the season and playoff time hopefully.”