Nets vs. Knicks: Jarrett Allen, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 103-101 win over the Knicks

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 103-101 win over the New York Knicks.


On Spencer Dinwiddie:

“Difference-maker right now. They were double-teaming him all night. Credit to them, I would have done the same thing. He did a good job getting it out, exploiting the mismatch. What he’s also doing, he’s doing it on both ends. He’s doing it on the defensive end too. He’s playing really good basketball.”

On Jarrett Allen:

“I think his rebounding; 10 boards again tonight. We missed shots, and he goes and gets it. That’s kind of been his area of improvement. Be a better rebounder, and the offensive boards, it’s been a pleasant surprise. His rebounding has been an energy boost right now.”

On Nets defense:

“It’s all on the players. Really, there was no scheme, nothing in place. We didn’t extend our defense. It’s just these guys out here are defending their tails off right now. I think we’re in the right position defensively. I think that’s helping. But it’s all on the players. They’re creating the turnovers.”


On his recent play:

“The role just changes, like an amoeba. Sometimes it’s defense, sometimes it’s going to be scoring. Obviously, my usage rate is probably through the roof right now because Kyrie and them are out and Caris and obviously the monster (Kevin Durant) is going to be back probably next season. For now, my job is to do this and it will shift when they get back.”

On Jarrett Allen:

“When him and DeAndre are dominant, we have a chance to win. When they play well, they clean the galass, they block shots, they save possessions. Stuff like that is what keeps the other team to 100 points. If the other team only scores 100, any NBA team has a chance to win the game.”

On playing against Frank Ntilikina:

“Frank is a phenomenal defender. He makes it as tough as the elite guys in the league; he’s in that class. I was able to shoot a lot of free throws, attack in transition. It’s not like I had 30 on Frank. Frank did a great job, made me work all night. It was tough. He is a great defender, a good guy too.”


On Spencer Dinwiddie:

“He’s been big. He’s had a couple of 20-point games these last couple of games. He’s just keeping the energy high for everybody.”

On scoring early vs. Knicks:

“I think it was more of what the defense giving me, or giving us. I was trying to get in open spots for my teammates to pass it to me and they kept finding me.”

On Garrett Temple's defensive impact:

“It’s really important. He’s an older guy. He knows where we need to be. He knows where everybody needs to be. He always talks to us. You say I’m the anchor, he’s just as important as me.”

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