Nets vs. Hornets: Taurean Prince, DeAndre Jordan, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 101-91 win over the Charlotte Hornets.


On positives from the win:

“Consistency, four quarters. It’s been a theme. Not three-and-a-half quarters, not three. I thought it was a solid four quarters. Didn’t have the big lapses. I thought our defense was outstanding. Offensively, we’re gonna have to find something there where we’re just really struggling. I think it’s five, six, seven games now. So you could say we got some shots, but like we talked pregame, we’ve got to find a way to generate offense. I thought (Taurean Prince) was really good and Jarrett Allen, they helped us. Until our perimeter starts knocking down shots, which they will, we need those big guys to help us.”

On Jarrett Allen:

“I just thought he was huge. They went small. They put Marvin (Williams) at the five, and he’s playing that game; do we match him with small? We said, you know what, we’ll stick with JA and I thought he did two things great. He guarded when we switched, he guarded their small, their quick guys, and then he punished them on the other end with his offensive rebounding. Eight offensive rebounds; that’s the answer when a team goes small. Stay big, punish them on the boards and have a big that’s fast enough to keep up with the guards.”

On holding the lead in fourth quarter:

“I thought, as opposed to some other games, we didn’t let the misses affect our spirit, our morale, our will to get stops on the defensive end. Of course it helped that Taurean hit that step-back three. That was a huge shot. The game’s kind of teetering and made shots really help your morale too. But I liked the way we defended despite missing a lot of shots.”


On where the Nets made progress:

“I think we got consecutive stops multiple times, a lot of two-in-a-rows, a few three-in-a-rows. I think we capitalized on the defense and made the right plays when they messed up defensively.”

On keys to carrying over into Friday's game:

“Just keeping a good mindset, playing quarter by quarter, not getting too ahead of ourselves, not getting too down on ourselves when certain things go wrong or when we face adversity – just continue to do what we do and stick to our gameplay.”

On sustaining defense:

“Just keep flying around, keep believing on that end. I think our offense was sparked by the defense tonight. I think we kept the lead when we needed to and it raised our level of intensity on the defensive end when we need it to as well.”


On the win:

“I think we came out with the right mindset. We came out with a defensive intensity, that’s something we can control. We can’t control if our shots go in or how well we play offensively. But, our effort defensively – we can control that. We went through a pretty lengthy film session yesterday and saw the things we can correct and try to get in to.”

On play of himself and Jarrett Allen:

“I think today it really showed that JA (Jarrett Allen) and I are very versatile players who can handle the basketball.”

On main points of emphasis from the film session:

“Defense, rebounding, covering for each other and just making the right basketball play. Whether it’s scoring the basketball, giving it to your teammate – making the extra pass, running into a screen for guys. We have to give ourselves up for each other and then, the game will open up for everybody. But, tonight I feel like they blitzed us and we had enough trust in our beings to get them the ball, make the right basketball play. Whether it was score, giving it to another handoff, pass it to the open guy, we just took advantage of that. I think the things that we got were because of our defense tonight.”