Nets vs. Lakers: D'Angelo Russell, DeMarre Carroll, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

See what the Nets had to say after their 111-106 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.


On importance of win:

"We found a way. It was not a Picasso by any means. It wasn't a beautiful played game by the Nets. But you give the Lakers credit. Obviously with LeBron out there they're very talented, so good to close it out. Wasn't easy."

On slowing Lakers runs:

"Our defense has been really good since the All-Star break. We've played excellent defense. I think that's keeping us in the game. I think in the first half, bad as we shot the ball, defense kept us in it. Then the second half we started making some shots, so I think that's where we got our separation."

On Joe Harris:

"Huge. Not only Joe's threes, but I thought he had a few big drives at the end of the game. Two finishes, one going left and then I think the one on Kuzman going right where he really kind of punished and finished. Joe's just an all-around excellent player. He's been struggling a little bit shooting the ball so it was good to see him come back. We need him desperately."


On importance of win:

"Huge. Huge. We knew that going into the game. We knew how big of a game it was for our record and the standings, so we wanted to go out there and take care of business."

On keeping his poise:

"That's the only thing I can really control. I can control my emotions. I can control what I say. So I just wanted to do that. Come in with positive energy and control what my persona is."

On decision-making:

"My job as far as putting guys in position to make plays, balance when to score and when to pass and facilitate. They were blitzing me early and getting the ball out of my hands. I still wanted to keep guys in position the score. The outcome was what it was. They weren't allowing me to come in and dominate by scoring. I try to do both and keep that balance right."


On defending LeBron James:

"Just trying to make it difficult for him. He's the best player in the world. You ain't going to stop him. You've just got to try to slow him down. I think it was a group effort. It wasn't just me. I think everybody helped me. Jarrett Allen helped me. Ed helped me. So it was a group effort."

On LeBron James' late turnover:

"That was our help. We forced him. We were sticking to our principles. Looked like he slipped, I don't know what he did. But he fell. I think it was a good defensive play.""

On importance of win:

"It was big. When you can win on the road, you've got to take advantage of it and I think that's what we did. We lost a tough game against the Clippers, we won a tough game in Sac. This game I think we fought, so we've just got to try to build off this, the momentum, and hopefully get the next one in Portland."