Nets vs. Pelicans: D'Angelo Russell, Joe Harris and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 126-121 win over New Orleans

See what the Nets had to say after their 126-121 win over the New Orleans Pelicans.


On shorthanded bench effort:

"It's a heck of a win against a very good team, so great job all around. I thought everybody contributed. Big play from all the guys. I thought we were very balanced and the bench was great. Like I said, give them a little break. We had three days to kind of get prepared for this, so I think we had a lot of juice. We had a lot of our legs under us. We had a lot of energy, had the advantage there. But like I said, that's an excellent win against a good team."

On team growth:

"I don't want to get carried away, but I like our trajectory and I'm very pleased. We had a bunch of guys out and we're still able to pull out some games. Losing Caris and Allen Crabbe and Rondae and I just think, like I said before the game, we're a deeper squad and we're a better squad. We have a tough road ahead here, especially shorthanded. If we can weather this storm I think until we're fully healthy, maybe we can do something important."

On importance of win:

"I don't want to make too big, it's an important win two-fold. That tough loss against this team when we had the lead, we kind of gave it away. Listen, you know they're coming back. These good teams, these Western Conference teams that are fighting, you know you they're going to come back. We withstood it. Yeah, a little concern with the two losses and then us being shorthanded. This a game at home. It was an important game for us."


On team depth:

"Guys are hungry for opportunity. When it's presented to them, they take advantage of it. That's what this league's about."

On closing out games:

"We've got a good group of guys. We've got a great voice from our veteran group. Young guys buys in, we listen. Just sticking with playing all 48 minutes. I know, for myself, I tend to get away from that sometimes, whatever it may be. Just sticking with it. Anytime can be your number and you've just got to be ready to make a play."

On playing with Spencer Dinwiddie & Shabazz Napier:

I think that it's a group that allows you have three ball-handlers on the floor and be able to get downhill and attack and create for others. When you have a three-headed monster like that I feel like getting downhill and creating, I think that's what we're good at."


On standings:

"I think you have to be realistic and you don't obviously want to look ahead too much, but if you said that we were going to be in this position I think everybody would have been pleased, But now that we're here it's all sort of a relative matter. I think we're looking at it that there are a lot of games that we really should have won. Three, four games in this position even bumps you up a couple more spots, so there's a lot of season left and we've got to keep playing the right way."

On key baskets in fourth:

"Any one of us could have come up big and hit a bucket there. It just happened timing, situation. One of them, it was a great pass by D'Angelo. I was literally wide open at the rim, but he threaded the needle on it. The other one was just late in the clock, you had to try and make a play."

On driving rim vs. Anthony Davis:

"You've got to be conscious of him. His timing is impeccable around the rim. I probably missed a couple of drop-offs to the bigs, but toward the end of the game it seemed like I was able to get a step and the finishes were a little bit easier. It wasn't like I necessarily was going into him. He was more kind of late coming."

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