Nets vs. Cavaliers: Russell, Kurucs, and Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 99-97 loss to the Cavaliers

See what the Nets had to say after their 99-97 loss to the Cavaliers.


On the offense:

"We're struggling offensively. Not sure we're going to go back to the drawing board but our offense was, I thought we missed a lot of open shots, I will say that. But we don't have the rhythm right now. We're off rhythm and we've got to try to find it. Hopefully Joe will come back and we'll get back to our kind of normal lineup, but right now we're out of sorts."

On Rodions Kurucs:

"He just plays hard. He's got extreme energy and I thought he turned the game for us and got us back in and his energy was contagious. Listen, that's what he's done most of the time he gets in there, so it's good news for the Nets. Disappointing loss, but to have a young player contribute like that at this level, this early, is good news."

On D'Angelo Russell:

"He's got to be aggressive with some guys out. He's got to look to push the pace and be aggressive with his offense. That's what he did tonight. Hit some big shots for us."


On missing Joe Harris:

"Consistency. His shots. Stretches the floor for us behind the three. He's just a leader as well. He's a guy he leads by example. He's always trying to do the right thing so if you're ever lost or need guidance he's there."

On team dealing with losing streak:

"Just staying together. It's early. We've had adversity throughout this year that we're still trying to overcome. Digging ourselves out of holes is what we're trying to do now. Finishing games is what we're trying to do now. So just staying together."

On offense/defense:

"I feel like I get what I want. But it's not really about the offense I would say for us. It's defensively. We've got a few guys that can really get it going. But it's defensive at the end of the game. We always need that stop. Always need that rebound. Unfortunately, we don't get it, so the results are like this."


On how he played:

"I just played tough and that's it every game. If I go on the court, I play tough. I use my minutes, and that's it. My role on the team is to help the team, to help the guys, to bring energy, so that's what I'm doing."

On if he was surprised playing last 14 minutes:

"No, I didn't actually. I just did great. I think I brought energy in. That's what he likes from me, to see from me. I think that's why he left me on the court until the end of the game because he saw how guys are playing with me and we could win the game with me."

On how it felt playing so well:

"It felt great actually, because that was a dream for a little kid who comes from Latvia, from a little town. It would be cool if we would win, I would enjoy it more, but it felt great. I enjoyed it."

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