Nets vs. Sixers: LeVert, Russell, Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 122-97 win over Philadelphia

See what the Nets had to say after their 122-97 win over the Sixers.


On forcing 28 turnovers:

"Having Rondae back in the lineup, that helps a little bit. You have your more active players. I thought generally we went from a low activity game against the Rockets to much more active. It's hard to judge whether that was on them or us. It wasn't any scheme change. It wasn't anything we did differently. Yes, it's something we talked about before the season. How can we be a little more active and cause a few more turnovers without extending our defense too much. It will be interesting to look on film to see how all those turnovers happened. But definitely we had a higher activity level."

On the transition game:

"The first strategy was try to run. They played yesterday, and try to get Joel in an up and down game, and I thought Jarrett set the tone with that. That's kind of our advantage. That pace, having an up and down game, I think that helped. I'm not sure if that fatigued him, but that was part of the idea. I also think we did a pretty good job crowding the paint and helping. I think in the first quarter we left our guys out on the island a little bit. I thought we brought more help the ball. Took a little risk, giving up some threes, but I thought we did a good job crowding him."

On Caris LeVert:

"I thought he set the tone defensively with his activity. I thought he was all over the place. I thought he was getting deflections. He had a great rebound in the second quarter where he came across the court and grabbed it. Talked to him before the game, the challenge for him is to be really good on both ends. We just don't want him to be a one-way player. He's got a lot of talent. There's a lot of responsibility that comes with that. I was really pleased with his defensive effort. I thought he was really good on both ends. Excited that he drove the ball, that we didn't settle for a contested shot and got to the rim. Can't remember the particular play, but that's what I think."


On adjusting to Joel Embiid's defense:

"We just kept attacking. He's a great rim protector. And we know he's going to change some shots, but he's not going to block everything. So just staying persistent and attacking, we knew it would open up."

On the third quarter run :

"Wanted to close them out in that third. We knew it could either way. They could make a run or we could make a run, and we wanted to throw the first punch there."


On how transition helped him:

"That's a chance to get to the foul line or get easy looks for guys, including yourself. Getting easy looks for others in transition. That's a tough position to stop. I think we were just in the right spots today."

On dealing with Joel Embiid's defense:

"We capitalized on their turnovers. They had 28, I'm not sure how many we had, but we tried to get transition and make plays and score versus holding it and letting them set up their defense. They're a really good defensive team in the halfcourt, but as far as getting out in transition and scoring and capitalizing, that's what we tried to do."

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