Bleacher Report: Brooklyn Nets a top free agent destination

The popular sports outlet believes there's a lot about the Nets that will appeal to free agents

Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson’s work in their first two seasons together have made the Brooklyn Nets a top free agent destination this offseason, according to Bleacher Report.

“Brooklyn can start building on its own terms,” B/R’s Grant Hughes wrote. “Add to that a three-point-heavy style that empowers players at all positions to fire away from deep, the hipster cache of living in New York and a well-liked coach in Kenny Atkinson, and you've got a great case for the Nets as a free-agent destination.”

Hughes listed the Nets as sixth in a top 10 free agent destination list that includes the Warriors, Kings, Bulls, Hawks, Mavericks, Pacers, Jazz, Lakers and Sixers. Marks recently talked up the resources at Brooklyn’s disposal thanks to the ownership partnership between Mikhail Prokhorov and Joseph Tsai.

“We already know we have an ownership group that is ready to fork out the big money when that timing is right,” Marks said.

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