Brooklyn Nets, National Grid team up to clean up Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park has plenty of Brooklyn’s history within its boundaries. The Nets and National Grid teamed up to help with the upkeep of one of New York City’s largest and most iconic parks.

Fort Greene Park is Brooklyn’s first designated park, getting the honor in 1847. Prior to that, the land was actually used as a fort for both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.  The park also is well-known for Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument, which serves as a crypt and a tribute to 11,500 American prisoners who were held captive by Britain during the Revolutionary War. When the land’s use as a fort came to an end, famous author Walt Whitman actually rallied to make it available for public use, which would eventually lead to it becoming a park.

Last Thursday, former Net and Brooklyn native Albert King and several team staffers from various departments joined National Grid to help in cleaning up the park. Check out all of the work they performed at the site in the photo gallery below: