Brooklyn Nets' Jarrett Allen Makes Twitter Go Nuts With Epic Slam

Here are the best reactions to Jarrett Allen's shocking dunk over Lauri Markkanen

CLEVELAND – The reverberations from Jarrett Allen’s unbelievable dunk over Lauri Markkanen have carried on to Tuesday as people all over the country are still talking about it.

Even Allen, who normally doesn’t like to hype up his slams, admitted it was a big play.

“I get juice. Everybody gets juice. You heard the crowd roar, the team, you can look at the bench. You saw the clip of it,” the rookie center said after Monday’s win over the Bulls. “They went crazy, so not only do I get juice, but everybody else does.”

With so many people continuing to talk about the play, we’ve decided to highlight the best social media reactions. Enjoy!

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