Ally Love

In-Arena Host

Since 2012, Ally Love has been everywhere on a game night at Barclays Center. From the Swag Shop to the stands to the court, where she smoothly navigates Team Hype timeouts, leads kids through musical chairs or introduces fans and prize winners from the court, all for everyone to see on the arena’s video screens.

Outside the arena, she’s covering even more ground.

“I’m a part of the slash generation — I’m a Peloton instructor, Brooklyn Nets host, a model, entrepreneur. I do all of those things literally every day of my life.”

It’s all part of her own evolution. A dancer and model before she took the job with the Nets five years ago, Ally found her voice on the court at Barclays Center.

“Once I started hosting I recognized this is what I want to do. I love talking to people, I love being a part of information that’s getting out there to the public, especially positive information, entertaining information.”

Her business, Love Squad, began as a website (alovesquad.com) designed to encourage and empower women in their daily life though sports, entertainment, fitness and beauty content, profiling and promoting active and creative women in business and sports.

She’s expanded to connecting people through monthly events, with speaker series panels, workouts and social meet-ups.

“We are the fan base. We represent the style, we set the trends, we set the tones. We are the people that are advocating for the team and rallying behind every point. I created Love Squad as a website to empower and encourage, particularly women in sports or being everyday athletes.”

At Barclays Center, Ally works with Team Hype, the Brooklynettes and the rest of the entertainment team to bring the arena experience to life. As the in-arena host, she’s one of the franchise’s most recognizable figures.

“I feel like I’m looked at as where Brooklyn is now. We’re young, we’re different, we’re inclusive, we’re excited, we’re intelligent. I think that those elements are now what represents Brooklyn, and I’m really proud of that.”

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