Nets-Hawks Postgame Quotes

Nets Post Game Plus: ATL at BKN
YES Network studio host Nancy Newman recaps all the action and postgame reaction from the Nets' 116-104 victory over the Atlanta Hawks at Barclays Center.

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On his team’s play after the game was tied at 99:
“I thought we did a better job defensively, we got a few stops. Obviously Allen Crabbe made some big three’s, I think that helped us get the margin there.”

On Allen Crabbe:
“Again, I think we talked about before the game about Allen (Crabbe), we are trying to bring him up to speed. In terms of the ankle injury, his minutes right now aren't at peak where I think it will go, so to avoid him sitting for longer stretches, we thought it was a good idea to bring him off the bench and he was on board. He was like, ‘last game I was sitting on the pine a little too long’ so it was kind of a coach-player decision and it worked out tonight. He got his rhythm going.”

On his team’s defense:
“There was no tactical adjustment. I think it is just our habits improving, our attention to detail improving. But listen, I still think we have a long way to go and we put them on the free throw line. They are in the bonus and we are fouling them at the end of the quarter, just giving away free points. That is something we have to be more disciplined about. But I do see improvement, definitely, from the Indiana game. Incremental improvement. Good job by the guys tonight.”

Caris LeVert, Brooklyn Nets

On the Nets withstanding a late Hawks run:
“I feel it’s good for sure. Like I said, the execution was there offensively. We got some big rebounds as well. I think that was big for us. The last couple of games we kind of let up in that area.”

On how he thinks the Nets are progressing defensively:
“I feel like we’re going in the right direction. We shored up the transition defense today and hopefully we keep going in the right direction.”

On if the Nets changed anything tactically defensively:
“No, we didn’t change anything. We just kind of locked in on the stuff that we’d been going through throughout the whole training camp – defensive rebounding and transition defense.”

D’Angelo Russell, Brooklyn Nets

On the defensive plan for Dennis Schroder:
“I just tried to use my length and make it as tough as I can for him. He’s a great player, well deserved. He’s been doing his damage in this league for a little while now, so he’s going to come out and bring it every night.”

On big shots down the stretch from himself and Allen Crabbe:
“I just wanted to make plays for the team. If that’s me shooting it or me facilitating, whatever, the ball’s in my hand so coaches give me that freedom to make that happen.”

On his comfort level in the pick-and-roll:
“I’ve always been comfortable in the pick-and-roll. It’s just knowing your personnel, knowing who likes to cut, knowing who’s going to lift on the shot and stuff like that. I think it’s going to play out as we keep playing and going through it.”

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