Father's Day Q&A with Isaiah Whitehead

BrooklynNets.com caught up with new dad Isaiah Whitehead

The most important thing in Isaiah Whitehead’s life can be held in his hand – and it’s not a basketball.

Whitehead is a new dad, welcoming his daughter Zaria into the world on May 12. It’s a life-changing experience and Whitehead is learning all about it on a daily basis. As Whitehead gets ready for his first Father’s Day as a dad, BrooklynNets.com caught up with the Nets guard to talk fatherhood.

BrooklynNets.com: Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! How does it feel to be a new dad?

Isaiah Whitehead: It’s great. It’s definitely a blessing to have her in the world. My girlfriend and I are really excited about having her. We just got a new house and we’re just trying to start off her life on a good note.

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Nets: How has it changed your life/your routine?

IW: There’s no sleep. At all. You wake up every two hours, feed her, change her. We take turns, but it’s still kind of tough. We get a lot of help – my mom, her mom – it’s not that bad.

And as for life, it’s way different. You have to think twice about what you’re doing at all times. You’re a different kind of person now. You have a child now and you have to lead by example. The good outweighs the bad. Just being with her all day – till you have to wake up at 3 in the morning – it just outweighs. I’m just happy that she’s here.

Nets: What have been the good things so far?

IW: Just being around her. Just getting to know her personality. She’s showing us different signs every day about how she’s going to be. We always just joke about who she looks like more. It’s always a good time when I’m around her.

Nets: Is there any significance to the name?

IW: My girl picked it. I didn’t have anything to do with it. Her name is Zaria. Middle name Blake. My name is the last name. My girlfriend picked it. I didn’t have anything to do with it.

Nets: Did you get to pick the middle name?

IW: Nothing. She said, you have the last name, so I get the other two.

Nets: You really get the chance to shape a person. Have you thought about the type of person you want her to be? And what kind of values you want to instill?

IW: I’m all for whatever she wants to be. I’m not going to try and force her to be any way or to do anything. I’m just here with her. Whatever she decides that she wants to do in life I’m going to support her and just try to make it happen.

I think I was raised with good values, so it’ll definitely relate to her. Just the normal stuff, treat others like they treat you. I could go down the line, but it’s about her growing up to be a good person and just be herself.

Nets: Did any of your teammates give you advice?

IW: Sean told me to live the moment. Don’t take anything for granted. Just live in the moment and study how she grows up and try to be there for every big moment.

Nets: What is tougher? Being a new dad or your rookie year in the NBA?

IW: Definitely being a father. Without a doubt. Rookie year was tough, but having a daughter is way, way tougher. Just because she’s you and she’s going to be an example of you and however you raise her is how she’s going to act. 

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