Postcards from Media Day 2009

by Mike Trudell
September 29th, 2009

1 No two returning players were happier to see Phil Jackson than Gasol and Bryant, though Artest couldn’t have been much more excited to be in that photo.

2 One or two (or 57) media outlets were scrambling to interview the newest Laker, Ron Artest; in related news, Artest has been known to say interesting things.

3 Want to talk to the Finals MVP? Get in line. Yet Kobe was quite chipper as he discussed his hunger to begin L.A.’s title defense.

4 That’s right, ladies, Sasha Vujacic cut his hair (at Phil Jackson’s apparent request). Here’s the Slovenian recording a “Welcome Fans!” spot for the jumbotron.

5 (No explanation necessary).

6 As the Lakers transition to 710ESPN on your AM dial, Phil chats with “Mason and Ireland,” as all of L.A.’s big names would do. Of course, no one else (ever) has 10 titles.

7 As Luke Walton knows, media day entails not just a slew of interviews, but also photo ops, game operations activities and TV-partner bits. Thankfully it takes only two hours.

8 Just two days after being married to Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom was his usual genial self while striking a pose at the green screen station.

9 Andrew Bynum told us he was “100 percent healthy” heading into the season, having spent his summer strengthening his legs. His personal goal? The All-Star team.

10 Just speculating here on Fish’s verbiage: “I caught the ball, took two dribbles and noticed Jameer was playing off me, so I popped it. Swwwishhhhhhhh.”

11 The best defensive wing combination in the NBA.

12 Who are those fresh faces? Anybody? It’s your training camp signees Tony Gaffney, David Monds and Michael Fey, of course.

13 We opted to discuss video games instead of basketball with Adam Morrison, focusing on FIFA ’10 (his fav.) and old school Nintendo action. Joel Meyers looked on, which is fun.

14 Congrats on earning MVP honors as you led your fellow Spaniards to the EuroBasket title and all that, but what’s with the pose, Pau?

15 While Vujacic changed his hair, Farmar opted to switch jerseys from No. 5 to No. 1 for the coming season. Positive fresh starts for both?

16 OK, fine. The Dodgers had some folks around to record playoff video bits for the good fans of Los Angeles, and Artest was happy to sport Manny’s locks.

17 Congrats, L.A. media! You’ve successfully cramped 189 people into a 12-square-feet box. Amazing! (Artest is in there somewhere … we think).

18 When he wasn’t listening to instructions, J-Peezy (Josh Powell) added a few more tattoos to his already-impressive spread, as detailed in a 1-on-1 video we shot.

19 Just a guess (based on Shannon Brown’s bewildered expression): “Sorry sir, I really have no idea how to answer that question. But I can jump 45 inches straight off the ground. Did you know that?”

20 Nice pits, Lamar. Feeling that.

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