Troy Daniels
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Latest Laker: Troy Daniels' Dangerous Jumper

by Joey Ramirez
Digital Reporter

You won’t find many purer shots than the ones that leave Troy Daniels’ hands.

A six-season veteran and first-year Laker, the sharpshooting two-guard is a long-range threat who boasts a 40 percent career 3-point clip.

Daniels has to be accounted for across the arc, yet he is most dangerous in the corners where he hit a blistering 51.2 percent of his treys last season (22-of-43).

Whether simply spotting up for his playmaking teammates or flying off screens, the VCU product was a human bucket from the corners.

Daniels also has an understanding of how his opponents see him on their scouting reports.

He knows that they’re desperate to rush out and close on his 3-point attempts, so he loves to hit them with pump-fakes and side-steps to get them to fly by and give him a cleaner look.

That sort of craftiness also shows up in his on-ball game, which is an underrated part of his skill set.

While he may not have a passer’s reputation (just 0.5 assists per game last year), Daniels is certainly capable of creating his own shot in the pick-and-roll.

In fact, he ranked among the NBA’s 73rd percentile of P&R ball handlers (0.92 points per possession), as he showed himself capable of pulling up from mid-range or stepping back and launching a triple.

And though his 3-point range is his calling card, Daniels’ jumper is just as clean inside the arc.

Last year the Roanoke native shot a robust 47.4 percent from mid-range, often creating his own shot by worming around screens and hopping into his shooting motion.

Make no mistake: Shooting is Daniels’ game. Ninety percent of his attempts last year were jumpers, and his rare trips to the rim were often fruitless (just 41.7 percent).

Yet he is such a weapon away from the hoop that penetrating inside would be a waste, especially considering that his shooting spaces the floor for two of the game’s greatest paint scorers: LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

For as meager as the Lakers’ 3-point shooting was last season (second-last in the league), Daniels should prove himself a source of long-range refreshment.

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