Carve Your #JackOLakers

Official Lakers Release

Put some purple and gold in your Halloween by carving a #JackOLakers!

Simply print out one of the Lakers stencils below to get started. Represent for your favorite player by putting their number on your jack-o-lantern, or support the Lakers as a whole by using one of the team’s logos.

For more experienced carvers, the full Lakers logo will provide a challenge, as it requires etching the pumpkin instead of carving.

If you don’t have a pumpkin-carving kit at your disposal, easy-to-find household items such as a paring knife, small serrated knife, craft knife, ice cream scoop, and spoon will all be helpful in getting the job done.

Kids, be sure to have adult supervision for this activity.

Have a different idea for showing the Lake Show some love on your pumpkin? No problem, just be sure to share your creation on social media using the #JackOLakers hashtag, whether it’s one of these designs or one of your own!


  1. Remove all seeds from your pumpkin
  2. Tape the stencil to your pumpkin
  3. Punch holes along the lines of the stencil using a sharp point (toothpicks work great!)
  4. Once you've finished punching holes, remove your stencil
  5. Carve away!

Click on a design below for the full size stencil(PDF), or click here to download all stencils.


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