Lakers' Odds at the 2016 Lottery

This evening, the Lakers will learn if they hold on to their 2016 first-round draft pick at the NBA Draft Lottery in New York.

Los Angeles has a 55.8 percent chance of keeping its selection, which will be conveyed to Philadelphia if it falls out of the top three as a result of the 2012 trade for Steve Nash.

After finishing the 2015-16 season with the NBA's second-worst record, the Lakers' odds of winning the lottery stand at 19.9 percent. Those odds shift to an 18.8 percent shot at getting the second overall pick and 17.1 percent for the third.

General Manager Mitch Kupchak will be the one making the trip out to New York to represent the Lakers at the NBA Draft Lottery.

Last year, the Lakers sent then-head coach Byron Scott to the lottery, which netted them the No. 2 pick that became D'Angelo Russell. The year before, Showtime Laker James Worthy represented the purple and gold, returning to L.A. with the seventh-overall selection, later used to take Julius Randle.