Introductory Press Conference: Anthony Brown

After being selected by the Lakers with the 34th pick in the NBA Draft, Antony Brown was formally introduced as a member of the purple and gold on Monday. At his introductory press conference, Brown dished on growing up a Lakers fan, playing with Kobe Bryant and more.

Q: Opening statement:
I’m blessed to be here and really excited to be a Laker. I can’t wait to get to work.

Q: On growing up a Lakers fan in Orange County:
I’m definitely going to teach (the other rookies) a little bit about the history of the Lakers. Growing up a Lakers fan, it’s surreal to me. I can remember watching the games on KCAL9. I vividly remember watching in 2000 against the Sixers. Just to be in this gym right now is definitely a blessing. I can honestly say that there comes a lot of pride with a Lakers jersey, and I’m definitely ready to represent in the right way.

Q: On playing under head coach Byron Scott:
I believe Byron Scott’s a defensive-minded coach. He’s been around some of the greatest players ever: Kobe (Bryant) and Magic (Johnson) just to name a few. He’s definitely well-respected in the community, and I can’t wait to work for him.

Q: On how he felt when he was drafted by the Lakers:
For me, it was a shock. There was nothing that led me to believe that the Lakers would select me. I had a bunch of workouts, and I just wanted to do as well as I can in all of them. It was almost like a dream for me. Being a Lakers fan and having them select you — I felt like I was dreaming.

Q: On what he wants to display in Summer League:
Just being able to space the floor; compete on the defensive end; be a high-IQ guy; whatever coach needs. But definitely be an unselfish teammate.

Q: On what it was like having Bryant at his pre-draft workout:
I know when he walked in the gym, I felt his presence. I didn’t see him, but Kobe was sitting over there. I definitely wanted to, like I always do, play as hard as I can (and) show that I compete to the highest level. That’s what Kobe does. Other than that, I didn’t go through my workout any different. But I did feel Kobe’s presence when he walked in the gym. He’s one of the greatest players of all time.

Q: On whether he considers himself more polished than the younger players coming into the league:
I definitely feel that I’m a lot more mature than a lot of younger guys. I have the ability to pick up concepts really quick. That definitely benefits me. Other than that, not too much.

Q: On being part of the Lakers’ young core:
Being part of this core is definitely important. We’re all young, eager and ready to get to work; ready for the challenges. I also got a text from Tarik (Black). That means a lot. That means that this is a family, and we’re ready to compete.