Kobe Bryant Media Session: Chicago

Prior to the Lakers-Bulls game, Kobe Bryant addressed the media to give another general update on where he’s at in his recovery/rehab process, his thoughts on playing in the All-Star game and how he’s seen the game evolve since he was a rookie. Below is a transcription of his comments:

Q: On the general update in his recovery/rehab process:
Bryant: It’s the same old, same old. Riding the bike, trying to stay in shape that way. Not much I can really do in terms of running andthings of that nature, so mainly focusing on bike work.

Q: On what he’s seen from the team in the games at Boston (107-104 win) and at Toronto (112-106 win):
Bryant: I think they’re competing and playing hard. That’s really the key. That’s what you want to see. You want to see them out there battling and competing, and trying to figure things out as a group.

Q: On playing in the All-Star game this year:
Bryant: I’ve always looked forward to playing in All-Star games. It’s always been something that has always been a huge honor. That being said, I haven’t played this year. I think some of the younger guys who have been out there performing extremely well and are All-Star worthy should be the ones out there playing.

Q: On what he makes of Derrick Rose’s latest injury and if he’s had the chance to talk with him about it:
Bryant: I haven’t had a chance to talk. I don’t know if he’s going to be here. If he is, I’m sure I’ll catch up with him. There’s not much you can do about it. It is what it is. It’s unfortunate, but you have two options: one is to lay down and not do anything about it, and the second is to get up and get to work. I think the second one is more appealing to him, for sure.

Q: On if there’s a timetable in his head to make a return:
Bryant: It’s all just up in the air right now. I try not to think about it too much. You just go day-to-day.

Q: On how the league has evolved since he came in:
Bryant: It’s become so much more of a global game. When I came in, it was just starting to become that. Then you had the Yao (Ming) phenomenon, Dirk (Nowitzki’s) emergence, Pau (Gasol). The sport has really grown to be a global force. I think that’s really the big difference since I’ve come in the league.

Q: On whether the style of play has changed and evolved:
Bryant: Yeah, for sure. It’s more of a finesse game. It’s more small ball, which personally, I don’t really care much for. I like smash mouth, old school basketall because that’s what I grew up watching. I also think it’s much, much less physical; much, much less physical. Some of the flagrant fouls I see called nowadays, it makes me nauseous. You can’t touch a guy without it being called a flagrant foul. I think some of that or some of the negatives that I’ve seen change, but there are positives to it as well.

01/17/14: Kobe Bryant Media Session