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Hey Lakers fans!

My name is Rachael and this is my second season as a Los Angeles Laker Girl. My time on the squad has been filled of excitement and new experiences. My hometown is a small town and Los Angeles is quite different than what I am used to. I am so lucky to be able to experience this magical city as a Laker Girl, which is a big part of the Los Angeles Lakers organization. Dancing, performing and attending charitable events for this city has been a dream come true!

This past week has been a busy for us……at our last rehearsal, we all decided to spice things up and have it designated as our 80's rehearsal! We all rocked some side ponytails, neon leggings, scrunchies and leg warmers. It just so happened that we were working on a new dance called "MC Hammer Mix". So, it seemed perfect!

Watching my teammates perform this high energy routine to an awesome 80's mix in their obnoxious outfits was hilarious. However, we managed to remain focused in order to ensure this routine would be court ready!

On March 19th we kicked out the “Carl’s Jr. Laker Girls Lunch Date Tour”! I was so excited because I was scheduled for the very first appearance – to kick it off!

Rebekah and I went to a location in Long Beach and met a great group of Lakers fans! We were able to take photos with each of the guests and they were able to e-mail the photos to themselves right there at the location. We were also able to sign a team photo with an attached Carl’s Jr. coupon for everyone. We were both so excited to see how many fans came out to see us and enjoy some yummy lunch!

This past weekend was filled with Lakers and D-Fenders games. Not to mention, many other events on our calendar. We played the Washington Wizards on Friday and had the chance to debut a new routine choreographed to the song "Manicure". We had fun performing that routine that evening!
The next day was packed with community and charitable events. We were scheduled all over Los Angeles making sure we covered as many events as possible. I started out with a morning event for a Youth Basketball League and then drove over to the “Lakers Highway to Health Fair” with Health Corps event. It was fun to be a part of this event!

At this particular event we had the chance to help out with a healthy cook off, which was personally my favorite part. The students made some delicious and innovative meals that were also extremely nutritious. In addition, Pau Gasol, Nick Young and Xavier Henry were able to participate at this event too. It is always great to see how much the kids look up to them and how excited they are to meet the Lakers players. The day wasn’t over then…….after the Lakers Highway to Health Fair, we headed to Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo. We then performed at the D-Fenders vs. Santa Cruz game. It was a great game and we came out with a victory!

Our last event this past weekend was the Lakers game against the Orlando Magic on Sunday. What a great way to end the week, with a win!
Congratulations to the Lakers for having a great game. It was nice to see us remain ahead for the entire game. Not only did the Lakers win, but we then were able to perform another new routine "MC Hammer Mix" - that I mentioned above. It was such a blast!

After the game was over a couple of us girls stopped by Carl's Jr. and grabbed a hand scooped oreo shake.
It was the perfect treat to relax with after this exciting weekend!

I would like to take this time to let you know that the all the members on the Laker Girls dance team enjoy meeting every single fan we come in contact with!

Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to seeing you all at the next game, or appearance.
Don't forget to come see us at a Carl's Jr. near you, for a lunch date with the Laker Girls!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

- Rachel

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