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Hi Lakers Fans!

I’m Katie and this is my first year as a Laker Girl! It has been an incredible experience being a part of this world famous organization! Even though our basketball season didn’t last as long as we had hoped for our team, it was still so exciting to cheer them on from the sidelines and perform on the Lakers court! I’ve also enjoyed meeting so many dedicated Lakers fans at events throughout Southern California!

For example, on Father’s Day, me and a few of my teammates visited a Nursing Home for their special Father’s Day luncheon/celebration. It was so nice because we all had the chance to meet many grandfathers and fathers at the luncheon. We engaged in great conversations, signed our dance team photos and took pictures with them! I enjoyed listening to their stories and it was nice to see how happy they were to meet all of us. I must mention, that at the facility, there were many long time Laker fans there – it was great!

Also, the Laker Girls Workshop took place on June 14th……it was a fun day of dancing! The participants were introduced to the Laker Girls’ dance style by learning a couple of routines that were taught by a couple of our guest choreographers. The current Laker Girls dance team members learned the dance routines as well - it was so fun to be dancing altogether again!

Everyone that attended the workshop participated in a mock audition, performed their own solo dance combination and at the end of the day, were given the opportunity to ask our Director any questions they had about the Laker Girls dance team or the upcoming audition on July 12th. It was an informative day for everyone. And again, a very fun day of dancing for all of us! After this event, I needed to grab something to eat on my drive home so I stopped at Carl’s Jr. where they have the best sweet potato fries. So I had to get them and a garden salad. My salad was very refreshing after a long day!

During this off season, I’ve been busy with other activities as well.
In addition to being a Laker Girl, I coach a high school dance team and teach classes at a dance studio. All of my students had their end of the year dance concerts and recitals this spring which was a lot of work, but so rewarding to see them onstage! I’m always proud of how much they improve throughout the year……I love being able to share my passion for dance with the younger generation!

Also, I had the chance to go on a short trip to my home town, Minnesota. My sister traveled to Minnesota at the same time, for a visit as well, so it was nice to see her too. That was the first time we had seen each other in a year! I was happy to get to spend time with my mom, grandmother and sister because we are all very close, but it had been a long time since we had all been together! I truly cherish those moments.

Well, I hope to continue to meet many more Lakers fans throughout the summer...
Thank you for reading my blog.

Keep supporting our Lakers, L.A.!

- Katie

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