Drill of the Month: Mikan Drill

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In the meantime take a minute to learn a great warm-up drill with Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr.!

The Mikan Drill

The NBA’s first superstar was a Laker. Hall of Famer George Mikan led the Lakers to their first five championships and was heralded by many as one of the NBA’s first dominant big men. He was the center and centerpiece of the champion Minneapolis Lakers and Mr. Basketball could rebound, pass and score inside like few others could. He still ranks fifth in points per game in Lakers history (23.1 PPG) and third in rebounds per game (13.4 RPG).

Want to rebound and lay it up inside like one of the greats? Try the Mikan Drill. Nance will show you how it’s done.

This drill is a great warmup to start any practice or shootaround with. In it, you’ll work on developing quick feet, while strengthening your inside scoring and rebounding. It is a drill that is regularly incorporated into basketball players’ warmup routines.

Larry Nance Jr. performing the Mikan Drill


  1. Grab a ball and stand on the block on one side of the basket facing the baseline. Jump and power the ball up off the glass for a layup.
  2. As soon as you land, jump back up and rebound the ball out of the net reaching to grab the ball at its highest point. Control the ball, keeping it high above your head. Your jump should move you to the other side of the hoop. If you shoot on the right side, your jump should take you to the left side and vice versa.
  3. Continue the drill working on your left and right hands.