Top Five Plays Of The Week - 12/01/14

Rowan Kavner

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. – A seven-game winning streak inevitably includes some highlight moments for the high-flying Clippers.

Without further ado, here are the top five plays from last week, when the Clippers played the Timberwolves, Magic and Pelicans:

5. Redick drives the lane and dishes to Jordan

It was a strong week for J.J. Redick from outside, but he can do more than shoot. He takes the ball up the court in the second quarter against Minnesota and operates a give-and-go with Chris Paul. Redick forces help defense in the lane and dishes at the last second to DeAndre Jordan, who knows how to finish with authority.

4. Griffin lobs it up for Jordan

It’s not just Chris Paul capable of lobbing up potential alley-oops. Doc Rivers has talked about how dangerous Blake Griffin can be passing the ball. He’s typically the one finishing, but in the first quarter against the Timberwolves, he found Jordan for the reverse alley-oop.

3. Redick hits first-quarter buzzer-beater from deep

Last week could have included any number of made 3-pointers by Redick, who’s finding his groove from deep. He had at least 20 points in all three games last week, none more impressive than this heave with time winding down in the first quarter. Redick had 13 points in the opening quarter.

2.Paul finds Griffin for the left-handed slam

The Clippers’ offense tends to operate better off opponents’ misses, but they can still do damage in the half court. Paul makes a nifty bounce pass to Griffin as Anthony Davis attempts the steal. Griffin made sure Davis would pay for overcommitting as he rises high with the left hand.

1. Jordan block leads to monster finish from Griffin

This play showed every aspect that makes the Clippers so lethal. DeAndre Jordan gets the block one end when the ball finds Chris Paul, who knows what to do with it. He sprints the floor and has Redick running toward the basket on the far side of the court, but he also notices Griffin with some room to his left. Griffin does the rest as part of a 30-point night.