Think Watts




Brandon Salaam-Bailey, better known as Stix, is a man on many missions. A Los Angeles and Watts native- he is dedicated to giving back to his community and helping the people of Watts prosper.

Stix has been a force in the music industry for years. He's also a loyal Clippers fan! He combined his musical talent and fandom in a track you may know, "Clip City." Throughout his career as a rapper, producer, and entrepreneur, he has always returned to Watts to pay it forward.

Ultimately, Stix founded ThinkWatts to create solutions for many of the issues affecting Watts' residents, including economic opportunity, homelessness, financial assistance, and education.

The vast array of programming includes entrepreneurship training, a weekly meal program that feeds hundreds of Watts residents, and free financial literacy courses. The courses are incredibly important and offer a toolkit to unlock opportunities and create financial security.

The impact and legacy of ThinkWatts are felt structurally as well. Visiting Watts, you may be greeted by a mural in Stix’s honor. The foundation partnered with Planet Fitness to create a facility free for students, along with developing 16 outdoor courts and an indoor gym.

To date, ThinkWatts Foundation has impacted over 40,000 residents and seven cities across Los Angeles County. You can support through donations that will go towards Thinkwatts HQ program development, financial literacy programming with rental and utility bill relief assistance, food and essential needs distributions, and other charitable activations. Donate today at Thinkwatts.orgCLIPPERS GAME DAY OFFER:Discount code: LAOURWAY for 10% off merch on