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Steve Ballmer Unveils Logo On "Conan"

Rowan Kavner

LOS ANGELES – Owner Steve Ballmer appeared on “Conan” Wednesday night to discuss the Clippers and unveil the team’s new, redesigned logo.

Ballmer said people know who the Clippers are, but people want a new Clippers. The redesigned logo is a part of a recent switch that’s also included Ballmer taking over the team.

“They want a happy ending to the story,” Ballmer said to Conan O’Brien. “This kind of downtrodden thing with this kind of funny ruler, ‘Boom, let’s switch it around.’ I bought the team so late we couldn’t do much, but now we’re in a new scene, the new Clippers, the new Clipper logo for example.”

Ballmer then gave Conan new apparel with the new logo, which Conan put on happily.

The Clippers’ new owner has brought a new attitude to the Clippers, which has been on full display with his jubilant actions caught on camera at Clippers games throughout the year. He said it’s part of a hardcore philosophy, which includes passion, commitment, tenacity, sticking with things and the idea that when something knocks you down, you’ve got to get up and keep coming.

“Let’s face facts,” Ballmer said. “You look back at the history of the Clippers, it’s not a happy history. So I bought the team about a year ago in kind of unusual circumstances at the time, and we’ve said, ‘Hey, something’s happening here.’”

Ballmer joked that he gets his energy from iced tea and said when he was younger he wasn’t as talented at getting up in front of thousands of people and pumping them up. He credits that ability to his days as a manager for his college football team.

His appearance on “Conan” occurred just a day after the Warriors won the championship title, which was tough because while talking on Conan O’Brien’s show, it was clear he thought his team was capable of hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy.

“I believe in our team,” Ballmer said. “I think we’ve got a heck of a team. I think we’ve got an opportunity to go all the way, and it’s just unrealized opportunity. Besides, we don’t really love those guys in Golden State very much. They’re not our guys! But it’s going to happen, it’s absolutely going to happen for us.”

Conan thanked Ballmer for joining him on the show and joked that it gave him a lot of energy himself.


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