Thank You Ralph!

Recently, we asked fans to send in their thanks and well wishes to "The Voice of the Clippers", Ralph Lawler, in recognition of his 2000 (and counting Clippers broadcasts. We were overwhelmed by the response---with notes coming in from all over the globe---and wish we could have posted every single comment.

We compiled a handful of notes below and send our sincerest thanks to everyone who took time to send in an email. Ralph--as well as the entire Clippers organization---truly appreciate your support and loyalty.

Here's to another 2000 Clippers games with Ralph calling the shots courtside!

I truly admire your devotion as a Clippers fan. Thanks for turning my part-time interest as a fan of the Clippers into a fourth-year season ticket holder. I could not have done it without you. You are the head of the household in my Clippers family.

Ralph is God.
Much like Chick Hearn was synonymous with the Lakers, Ralph is synonymous with the Clippers. I hope that this recent accomplishment will bring attention to the amazing body of work the Ralph has put together over the past years.

God Bless the USA. God Bless the Clippers. God Bless Ralph!

You're the man! Keep up the great work and I think Mike Smith should buy you dinner every night this month.

There are many basketball telecasts that are watched while the TV is on mute, because too many commentators are boring. When I watch you, however, I turn it up as loud as is allowed!! You bring fun and a lot of excitement to the game, and I thank you, Ralph, for being as big a Clippers fan as the rest of us!! You rule, Mr. Lawler!!
-Jayna of Los Angeles, CA

G'day Ralph,
Thanks a lot for all your committment to the Clippers. I'm from down south, in Australia. I hope you like to know your work is appreciated worldwide!
Keep up the top notch work!
Ralph you're fair dinkum!
-Roscoe from Adelaide, Australia

Ralph "The Man" Lawler is one of the greatest play-by-play men out there. Congratulations on your 2000th game and hopefully there are plenty---and I mean plenty---of more games left in you. Thanks for making the game easier for us to understand and to bring the action with all of your heart.

The BINGOS are great,
and laws are set,
so bring on more action,
to see our reaction,
and bring us closer to the Clippers
each and everynight.

Thanks Ralph.

Thank You So Much Ralph. You have turned this Bostonian into a Clippers Fan!!! I love your broadcasts with Michael Smith. I love how you guys bust each others chops, but still have the ultimate B-Ball knowledge!! I love Lawlers Law, and the way you pronounce Los Angeles. THANKS RALPH! YOU'RE THE BEST! Keep up the good work!!
-Mike of Sherman Oaks

Ralph sure does his job well---it was because of him that I became a Clippers fan. I remember turning on the radio one day in 1988 and heard a basketball game going on. It was a Clipper game, and it sounded really exciting. The Clippers lost that game, but I was hooked.

Congratulations to Ralph and may he be calling out bingos and having us fasten our seatbelts for close games for the next 2000 games.


Hey Ralph,
Congratulations on a magnificent accomplishment. You have done a great job as the voice of the Clippers, and you deserve all the praise in the world. No announcer could beat your amazing skills on the mic. Thanks for making every Clipper game that much more entertaining.
-Javier of Bell, CA

Thanks Ralph for your FANTASTIC voice and SUPERB play by play. You make us feel like we are sitting right there at the game with you! Here's to another 2000 and more....
-Michelle of Camarillo, CA

Your achievement is no surprise to those who know you best. Congrats and best wishes for many more successful years of broadcasting.
-Don and Jean

Ralph, You're the best!
-Ryan (a diehard Clippers fan in Yakima, Washington)

To our favorite announcer....You've got the best voice on the team! Never at a loss for words even when the team is down! I wonder what was in the drinking water in Peoria, ILL that spawned such a great group of broadcasters? Here's to many more great years!

During my 3 long trips from Athens, Greece to my lovely kids living in Glendale, I admired Ralph's broadcasts during Clippers games and became one of their fans. His comments add a lot to my love of basketball and Clippers.
Thanks Ralph and keep it up.
-George from Athens-Greece

Although I am a Clipper fan, I get all the games through NBA Pass on DirectTV and have the opportunity to listen to broadcasters for other teams. There's no comparison. You're the stud and they're the duds. Its often the case that we fail to recognize how well something is done until we witness others struggling to do it half as well.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next 2000. Go Clips!


Rocket Ralph, I would like to tell you that you are the truth.
Massive props for staying loyal to the real team of L.A.
Keep doin ya thing. Your work is appreciated.

-Mike of East Compton, CA

I wish to congratulate Mr. Lawler for his grand career and 2000 plus games accomplishment as a premier NBA announcer. Ralph's enthusiasm for the game has never wavered. He loves the game. He loves the Clippers, win or lose. His enthusiasm is noteworthy. And his play by play announcing is timely, insightful and accurate.

Having been fortunate to be acquainted with Mr. Lawler since he played basketball at Peoria Central High School, I must say he has not changed a lot. Still works hard and plays hard. He looks just like the old number 24 Chick Hearn used to call "Lightning Lawler" in the Illinois Sweet Sixteen Tournament.
Well done Ralph.

Congratulations to "The Voice of the Clippers" on the milestone of your 2000th broadcast. Your unfalltering dedication and loyalty is an inspiration to the fans who celebrate and suffer though all the wins and losses. Despite the change of venues or coahes and players that come and go, your exuberant play-by-play calling is something that can be counted on. You bring heart, spirit and essence to this organization. May this season, and all the many sure to follow, find you in good health, behind the mic and hopefully working plenty of post-season games much sooner than later.

2000 broadcasts, wow! Once again, congratulations and best wishes,

To The Voice,
Congratulations on your 2000th game! Your insight and positive attitude have seen Clipper fans through a number of tough years, and are always a highlight of each game.

When is the All Star game going to have an All Star announcer?

-Clynta (Mikki Moore's Mom)

Congratulations to Ralph on a milestone achievement. People could learn a lot from his dedication and professionalism, especially because of the unfortunate lack of success of the team over the years. Here’s hoping he’ll broadcast 2000 more and the Clipper’s continue improving so his enthusiasm and joy for the game comes through even more than now. Thanks Ralph.

Thanks for the voice!
-Mike and Marisa

Thank you Mr. Lawler for making the game more exciting. Your comments are classic, and I cant go to a Clippers game without saying "BINGO" or "OH ME OH MY", You’re a legend and congratulations on 2000. Here's to 2000 more!

I enjoy watching and listening to all the Clippers games I can here in Nebraska. Whether the Clips win or lose, you and Mike make it an entertaining experience. Lawler's law says: Ralph's the man!

Thank You Ralph. I used to listen to Bill King when I was a kid and a Golden State Warrior fan. You have made me like basketball again. Your humility and sense of humor are wonderful qualities. Your "Oh Me, Oh My!" is right up there with Bill King's "Holy Toledo"!

Thank you for making me a Clippers Fan!

Hey Ralph,

Thanks for all the great work over the years! You brought basketball to my home with such class, integrity, and excitement. I truly appreciate it.

-Tara of Chino Hills, CA

Congratulations Ralph or should I say Mr. Lawler... You have been a "MAINSTAY" within this organization. It has really been a pleasure listening to you, and seeing you at all of our home games. Congratulations on a job well done, and I hope you have many, many more. You are definitely a true Clipper!!!
One of your biggest fans,

Dear Mr. Ralph Lawler,

Congrats on the milestone accomplishment of 2000 Clippers games! 2000 thank you's for you, Mr. Lawler. Keep up the great work and some day we will make it to the NBA finals and I will be very emotional when you say " THE CLIPPERS WIN THE NBA FINALS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FRANCHISE HISTORY!" Once again thank you very much and I hope to one day shake your hand at Staples Center.

Clippers Fanatic,
- Diego of Santa Ana, CA

P.S. Thanks again for the great memories!

Hey Ralph, I just want to congratulate you on announcing your 2000th game with the Clippers. You are truly one of the greatest play by play announcers of our time. Though I may be quite young at 18, I know a great announcer when I hear and see one, and you, my friend, are great. I am proud to say that you are the announcer for my favorite basketball team and I hope to see you announce 4000 more. You are a great person and the biggest Clippers fan out there.
Your friend,

Congratulations! I am 23 years old, have been a Clippers fan for over half of my young life, and let me tell you----you have been and are the brightest thing in the organization. Your continual optimism in the future of the franchise gives me hope that one day the Clippers will hang their own banner atop the rafters of Staples Center.
-Frank of Pomona, CA