Draft ’05: Q&A With Daniel Ewing

Today’s workout had quite the ACC flavor to it. Did you feel the rivalry juices flowing?
"No, not really. Sean [May] and I were teammates [in the 2-on-2 drills] and we worked well together. We let a couple games slip by, but overall I think it was a pretty good workout."
You can flat-out score, but you also have strong playmaking abilities. Do you see yourself playing the point or two guard at the next level?
"In the NBA, I'll have to play the point, but I just consider myself a guard. I'm verasitle and can play both the one and two depending on the situation. Basically, I just want to be a player."
You've played alongside TJ Ford in high school, and with guys like Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy Jr, and Chris Duhon at Duke. If you had to pick one, which of your past teammates have impacted your game most?
"TJ Ford definitely. He sacrificed a lot of his game in high school to make our team better. He was solely a point guard looking to feed his teammates. That's a heck of a sacrifice for a player who has tremendous ability like he has."
Much hast been documented about Coach K's intensity and game preparations. Talk about what you've learned from him in your four years at Duke.
"I learned a great deal from Coach K. I learned about leadership and being vocal. I learned a lot of intangibles that go along with this game as well."
How hard is it going to be to leave the Cameron Crazies?
"Man......its going to be different going to the next level! The NBA arena atmosphere isn't as compact like Cameron is. Its going to be a different feeling, but I'm prepared for it."
The Clippers already have a strong Duke connection with Elton, Corey, Shaun (a Duke recruit) and Coach Dunleavy (a Duke parent). What are your thoughts on the prospects of joining such a Blue Devil fraternity?
"I think it would be a blessing to land here with the Clippers. I would be able to help the team and help them grow. Hopefully everything went well today and they saw some things they really liked about my game. I would be happy to come here."
Where else have you worked out? Where are you off to next?
"Toronto is up next. This my seventh workout. I just came from Portland and I've been in Denver, Houston, New York, Sacramento, and Golden State recently."
Has your schedule gotten to the point where its tough to remember what city you're in each morning?
"Not yet. It hasn't gotten that rough yet!"