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Shot-Clock-Challenge Driven by Kia

The Shot-Clock-Challenge driven by Kia takes NBA fan competition to the next level! 16 teams will compete head-to-head, with the help of their fans, in Shot-Clock-Challenge play over the course of a one month season schedule. Every other day is game day from May 18th through June 15th, while off days are available for practice. Fans have 24 hours to compete on game days.

  • Monday, May 18 vs. Phoenix Suns - (W)
  • Wednesday, May 20 vs. San Antonio Spurs - (L)
  • Friday, May 22 vs. Milwaukee Bucks - (L)
  • Sunday, May 24 vs. Houston Rockets - (W)
  • Tuesday, May 26 vs. Washington Wizards - (L)
  • Thursday, May 28 vs. Boston Celtics - (L)
  • Saturday, May 30 vs. New Orleans Pelicans - (L)
  • Monday, June 1 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Wednesday, June 3 vs. Portland Trailblazers
  • Friday, June 5 vs. Utah Jazz
  • Sunday, June 7 vs. Los Angeles Clippers
  • Tuesday, June 9 vs. Denver Nuggets
  • Thursday, June 11 vs. Chicago Bulls
  • Saturday, June 13 vs. Brooklyn Nets
  • Monday, June 15 vs. New York Knicks

Help your team and fellow Cavs fans bring our beloved Cavs to the top of the leaderboard where we belong. Download the Cavs App championed by Westfield, sign-in, and play. During competition play, each fan base will work together to achieve the highest scoring average and shoot their way to the top. Game on.

Download the Cavs app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store and play now!


1. Practice and play like a champion. Fans, we're here to win, playing games every other day for 4 weeks. We'll play each participating team once.

2. Each game session is 90 seconds, and the score for the session is the total of the scores for each basket. Making a regular basket is +1 point, making a money-ball basket is +2 points.

3. For game sessions, each fan’s highest score contributes to our total score for the game. Our Cavs score for the game is the average of all individual high scores.

4. On the day that we're playing, play the game and contribute to our overall score from midnight to midnight Eastern Standard Time. On days that we're not playing, you can use practice mode to play the game and improve your personal best.

5. Teams are ranked by their overall average score on the leaderboard. Let's do this.


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