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Cavaliers Add Krossover Intelligence

Cavaliers Add Krossover Intelligence

Cleveland, OH – The Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA and Krossover, a leading sports film analysis and statistics company, today announced a new partnership to support the Cavaliers video analysis capabilities. In the new partnership, the Cavaliers’ scouting, games and practice film will be analyzed by Krossover Intelligence to extract additional insight into opponent tendencies and player performance.

“Analytics are an important part of the assessment of players, teams and opponents in basketball now, not only at the professional level, but at the collegiate and high school level as well,” said Chris Grant, General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers. “What Krossover has done is make video analysis technology easier and more efficient for us to use in concert with all of the tools we use to give us a deeper view into player and team performance.”

Krossover evaluates performance factors such as possession time, game and player efficiency ratings, total team efficiency, game pace and much more for over 2,000 high school and college sports teams. The company pulls this information from the analysis of the game film itself, offering its users in-depth statistical analysis of a team and their individual athletes’ performance. Krossover’s cloud-based platform allows the team to access game clips and data anywhere, share content with their players, and sort film by a wide variety of specific stats, players, plays and more. Krossover also developed sIQ, a mobile app that test athletes’ perceptual skill and evaluates the user’s sports intelligence.

“With Krossover’s powerful basketball platform, we can dissect and extract valuable data from game film and help put coaches and players alike in a better position to improve their team and individual performance,” said Vasu Kulkarni, CEO of Krossover. “The Cavaliers and Krossover both understand the increasingly important and impactful role analytics can provide in basketball, making our partnership ideal.”

Krossover (@krossovr) provides sophisticated data analytics technology to football, basketball and lacrosse teams around the world. With an intuitive online platform, easily accessible by thousands of high school, college and professional programs, Krossover enables coaches to easily use video to improve the success of their athletic programs by eliminating the time and financial impediments to managing their filmed content. With an estimated 95% of high school and college athletic programs now recording game video, Krossover is accelerating the use of indexed, on-demand video content and advanced analytics by programs of all sizes. Krossover’s sIQ a mobile application test athletes’ perceptual skill and evaluates the user’s sports intelligence. sIQ can be played as a game for sports enthusiasts to test their own perceptual ability, or by coaches to evaluate an athlete’s sports intelligence. Krossover is partially financed by Dan Gilbert. For more information, visit


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