NBA Draft Lottery Quotes

First Overall Pick
Winning Combination -- 14-13-7-8

CAVALIERS MAJORITY OWNER DAN GILBERTQ: What does this mean for the fans?
Gilbert: I think it means everything for the fans. They are the ones that went through the tough and difficult times. They deserve it more than anybody and that is really what it is all about, the fans and people of Cleveland, Ohio. Hopefully these are two great steps in the right direction.
Q: Does this give you a sense of hope?
Gilbert: It sure does, and that is what we need more than anything. We have some very good young talent and some good players who were hurt and are coming back. We have some great talent that hopefully we will pick up at picks one and four.
Q: Talk about your emotions from seven months to now.
Gilbert: It has been a roller coaster ride. Obviously shocking events took place last summer for not just myself, but a lot of people in Ohio. It was a slow, long and painful haul to get through it, and maybe this will be the final straw of getting over the hump and getting to the other side and having a lot hope for the future, and that’s what we need.
Q: Do you think getting two top picks accelerates it being put in the past?
Gilbert: I think it’s good fortune that will make us be competitive again. It was not just the players we lost, but it was the injuries, and those players are coming back and we still have a trade exemption. Our front office has worked very hard on this draft, so we are confident we will pick the right players. I know these things are not built overnight. You’re not going to get two players in the draft and expect the next year to win the NBA Championship, but you never know. We’re going compete hard and I think we will be a lot better than we were last year.
Q: Were you more nervous about the pick or watching Nick and waiting for his reaction?
Gilbert: It was quite a sight. I am very happy for him, too. He has been a lucky kid his whole life and overcome a lot of great odds. It’s a very good thing that he was a part of this.
Q: What does this mean for the city of Cleveland?
Gilbert: The people, the fans and the support in Cleveland has been overwhelming. It has kept us going, the front office going and the entire franchise going. For them to get this delivered back to them and get these ping pong balls to fall this way and give them hope.