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2018 NBA Draft Lottery Chances

Ping Pong Balls

For the first time since 2014, the Wine & Gold will have a vested interest in the upcoming NBA Draft Lottery thanks to an offseason deal which landed them the Brooklyn Nets first round pick.

The top three picks are decided by drawing ping pong balls, but the remaining picks in the lottery (4-14) will be arranged by team records.

Here is a snapshot of each team's chances when the ping pong balls fly on May 15 ...

2018 NBA Draft Lottery Probabilities

Team Odds of No. 1 Pick Odds of Top 3 Pick
Phoenix Suns 25 Percent 64.2 Percent
Memphis Grizzlies 19.9 Percent 55.8 Percent
Dallas Mavericks 13.8 Percent 42.6 Percent
Atlanta Hawks 13.7 Percent 42.6 Percent
Orlando Magic 8.8 Percent 29.1 Percent
Chicago Bulls 5.3 Percent 18.3 Percent
Sacramento Kings 5.3 Percent 18.3 Percent
Cleveland Cavaliers (via BKN) 2.8 Percent 9.9 Percent
New York Knicks 1.7 Percent 6.1 Percent
Philadelphia 76ers or Boston Celtics (via LAL)* 1.1 Percent 4.0 Percent
Charlotte Hornets 0.8 Percent 2.9 Percent
L.A. Clippers (via DET)** 0.7 Percent 2.5 Percent
L.A. Clippers 0.6 Percent 2.2 Percent
Denver Nuggets 0.5 Percent 1.8 Percent

* Celtics get pick if 2-5, otherwise Sixers receive it

** Pistons keep pick if 1-4

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