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Draft Lottery By the Numbers presented by Betway

Some facts & figures ahead of the NBA Draft Lottery next week

By The Numbers, presented by Betway- The NBA Draft Lottery:

0.5 ... percent chance that the Cavaliers will win the 2022 NBA Lottery.

14 … Cavaliers’ pre-Lottery position in 2022.

19 … different teams that have won the NBA Lottery, with the Pistons winning their first in 2021.

2 … teams that have won the Lottery two years in a row – the Magic in 1992 and ’93 and the Cavaliers in 2013 and ’14.

14.0 … percent chance that Houston, Detroit or Orlando – the same three teams from one season ago – will win the 2022 NBA Lottery.

12.5 … percent chance for the team with the next-best odds, Oklahoma City – followed by Indiana (10.5), Portland (9.0), Sacramento (7.5) and the Lakers (6.0).

97.6 … percent chance that the Cavaliers will stay at pick No. 14.

4 … years in a row that the Lottery went chalk – from 2015 through 2018 – with the T-Wolves, Sixers, Nets and Suns taking those top picks, respectively. The previous system – which was revised in 2019 – gave the top seed a 25 percent chance to win, the second seed a 19.9 percent chance and third, 15.6.

1.52 … percent chance that the Magic – who drafted Shaquille O’Neal and went 41-41 the previous season – would win the Lottery in 1993, scoring the biggest upset in NBA history, with the Cavaliers in 2014 and the Bulls in 2008 with the next-biggest shockers (1.7 percent).

2.8 … percent chance that the Cavaliers – utilizing the Clippers’ pick – had of winning the NBA Lottery in 2011. They used the top pick on Kyrie Irving, who went on to one day the biggest single shot in franchise history.

22.5 … percent chance the Cavaliers had of winning the 2003 Lottery, taking the top pick and selecting Akron native and future Hall of Famer, LeBron James.

38 … seasons, including this year, that the Lottery is in existence – with the New York Knicks famously winning the initial drawing in 1985 and using the top pick on Georgetown’s Patrick Ewing.

19.9 … percent chance that the Cavaliers – utilizing their own pick – had of winning the NBA Lottery on that date on 2011. They finished fourth and selected Tristan Thompson – who would go on to rank 7th in all-time franchise history in games played (619) and 6th in total rebounds (5,393).

15.6 … percent chance the Cavaliers had of winning 2013 Lottery, earning the top pick for the second time in three years and selecting UNLV’s Anthony Bennett with the pick.

1.7 … percent chance that the Cavaliers would win the 2014 Lottery – doing so and winning the rights to select Andrew Wiggins with the first overall pick. He was eventually packaged with the previous June’s top pick – Anthony Bennett – to acquire five-time All-Star, Kevin Love, from Minnesota.

3 … times that the Cavaliers have officially won the NBA Lottery, tied with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and second-most to the Clippers. The New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans, Timberwolves, Spurs, Wizards, Nets, Sixers, Bucks and Bulls have won it twice apiece.

5 … occasions that the Clippers have OFFICIALLY won the NBA Lottery. After two of those wins (2011 and 1986), the actual top picks wound up in Cleveland’s hands. In 2011, that choice was Kyrie Irving. In 1986, the Clips came out winners. But a deal with the Sixers back in 1979 gave Philly the top pick in 1986. The Sixers – who went 53-28 the previous year – traded the No. 1 overall to Cleveland for Roy Hinson and cash considerations, and the Cavs selected five-time All-Star, Brad Daugherty.


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