The Life of Mini Walter

On January 28, the Celtics will host the Phoenix Suns at the FleetCenter. The first 5,000 fans that attend the game will receive a limited edition bobble head of Celtics forward Walter McCarty, courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

The life of a bobble head is not all smiles and nods, as Mini Walter recently told Celtics Beat. In this exclusive one-on-one interview, Mini Walter discusses the trials and tribulations of being a "Mini Me."

Celtics Beat: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Our readers are very excited for your debut, and look forward to meeting you on January 28th.

Mini Walter: Thank you for having me. Most people would rather talk to the "big guy." Not many people want to hear from me... but I am excited to see everyone on the 28th when the Celtics take on Amare Stoudemire and the Phoenix Suns.

Celtics Beat: What is the biggest obstacle you face as a bobble head?

Mini Walter: Well, everyone expects you to just nod and smile all the time. It's tough, especially since I get really emotional and into the Celtics games. Sometimes I just want to throw my hands in the air in frustration, or clap and cheer like everyone else. But I just sit there and nod and smile, nod and smile.

Celtics Beat: What is your relationship with "Big Walter?"

Mini Walter: Waltah (as everyone in Boston loves to call him) is great. We haven't spent too much time together, although I did have a chance to meet his family recently. He is a good guy... and very, very tall. I wish I had some of his height. I was also introduced to Tommy Heinsohn - in case you don't know, he "loves Waltah..." Tommy took me home and put me on his desk. Now we have to get him to say "I love MINI Waltah!"

Celtics Beat: Who are your favorite bobble heads to hang out with?

Mini Walter: Usually I can be found hanging out with my Southwest Airlines bobble head friends Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce and Red Auerbach. Mini Doc debuted back in November, and Mini Paul and Mini Red were unveiled a few seasons ago. They are good guys - Mini Red loves to smoke his cigars, Mini Paul likes to hang out, and Mini Doc gives me the inside scoop on the team. Of course, of the four of us, I'm the only one with the headband.

Celtics Beat: What are you most excited about as your debut approaches?

Mini Walter: Celtics fans are the best basketball fans in the NBA. I usually tease the other bobble heads about that - there is no way their fans can be as great as you guys are in Boston. Celtics fans are the greatest - and I can't wait to meet them. They should make sure they get to the game early - there are only 5,000 of the Mini Walters, so we will be going, going, gone! And tell the fans that I like to hang out in a sunny place - maybe the sunlight will help me grow to become as tall as "big Waltah."


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