Celtics 2001 Draft

The Celtics picked up Joe Johnson with their top first round pick.

Celtics Pick Solid Trio

The Celtics went into the draft looking for athleticism and scoring, and they certainly got it. With the No. 10 pick, the Celtics were pleasantly surprised to get Arkansas guard/forward Joe Johnson. At No. 11, they went with talented JuCo forward Kedrick Brown. And at No. 21, they picked up UNC shooting guard Joseph Forte.

Going to the Top

Celtics.com went right to the top to get you the best Celtics Draft 2001 insider information -- GM Chris Wallace. See what he had to say about this year's Draft talent and what the Celtics might be looking for in the Draft.

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  • Wallace and Director of Player Personnel Leo Papile talk with media about Draft

    Do the Evolution

    As the league has changed over the years, so has the Celtics perspective on selecting draft picks. Check out the first article in a Celtics.com series examining how the draft preparations have morphed and evolved.

    New Era

    In 1970, the Celtics found themselves out of the postseason for the first time in two decades. They also found themselves with the No. 4 pick, their highest
    draft pick since 1956, the year they drafted Bill Russell. The pressure was on to find the next Russell. The result? Big man Dave Cowens, who would lead a new generation of Celtics champs.

    Memory Lane

    Take a stroll with Celtics.com as various Celtics players recount their most memorable draft day moments.