Celtics.com MailBag Entry - Oct. 14, 2011

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Ronald - Celtics were the 1st team in the NBA to start an all African American 5. What were the names of the 5?

1964-65 Championship Team

The 1964-65 Celtics brought home one of the organization's 17 championship banners.
NBA Photos

Celtics.com – This is a great question, Ronald. On Dec. 26, 1964, legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach was the first NBA coach to send a starting five onto the court that consisted of all African Americans. That starting lineup consisted of K.C. Jones, Sam Jones, Willie Naulls, Bill Russell and Satch Sanders. The team won that game, which was its third win in a row. Boston went on to win 16 straight games, which currently stands as the fourth-longest winning streak in franchise history. The 1984-65 Celtics also went on to win the NBA championship, and you can check out the team's statistics by clicking here.

Betty – Will you offer $10 seats again this year?

Celtics.com – The Celtics will be offering $10 seats for fans yet again this season. Once individual tickets go on sale for this season, you will be able to find more information here on Celtics.com regarding this specific ticket offer.

Anonymous - Is Doc Rivers coaching this season?

Celtics.com – This was the question many people were wondering at the conclusion of the 2010-11 season, so you’re not alone in asking this question. Doc’s contract ran out at the end of last season, and many suspected that he would take some time off from coaching to enjoy his children’s youth. Instead, he surprised many by signing a long-term contract with Boston to remain as the Celtics’ head coach for many years to come.

Melissa - Teamwork is one of the key elements that makes the Celtics stand apart from all the rest and makes them so enjoyable to watch. In my opinion, a lack of teamwork is the first mistake that a professional team cannot hide. The Celtics display teamwork on and off the court at all times. Whether they have a hard loss or a stellar win, they are a solid team unit. How do the Celtics (team and organization as a whole) reinforce this valuable strategy season after season?

Red Auerbach

Red Auerbach is not only known for his famous championship cigars, but also for instilling specific beliefs into the Celtics organization.
Gregg Forwerck/NBA Photos

Celtics.com – We here at the Celtics pride ourselves on the strategy of operating as a team, and that all starts with the leadership at the top of the organization. Doc Rivers is the man who demands team play out of his players, and he’ll be the first to admit that he does so not only because it is part of his coaching style, but also because he wants to carry on the tradition of the Boston Celtics that Red Auerbach worked so hard to develop. Auerbach preached to his players that they must operate as a team, not as individuals, in order to succeed. That mantra is now carried on by Rivers, as well as people like Danny Ainge, who wore the green and white during their playing days.

On the business side, the same notion is prevalent. Team president Rich Gotham does everything he can to keep the front office working like a team and a family throughout the year. Since Auerbach was not only a legendary coach for the Celtics, but also the man who served as president for more than 30 years, he also left an impact on the business side that still exists today. Gotham and other longtime employees such as Jeff Twiss, Duane Johnson and Barbara Reed, do their best to carry on the principles that Auerbach instilled in the organization before his passing in 2006.

Anna - Why is it when you live in Oregon the only basketball stuff you can get besides Trail Blazers is the Lakers? I need Celtics stuff!

Celtics.com – Local TV rights are the main reason why specific regions of the country can only watch specific teams on a consistent basis. This seems to be the issue that you are experiencing, Anna. As a native Oregonian, you just so happen to live in the Trail Blazers’ marketing area, which prohibits you from watching many other teams play.

The good news is that there are options for you! When the season begins, you can register for NBA Broadband, which allows you to watch most of the league’s games on your computer, pending blackout restrictions. That same offer is valid for NBA League Pass on your television. Lastly, to get your fix of the Celtics, you can easily catch their nationally televised games on NBA TV, TNT, ESPN and ABC. Thirty of the Celtics’ games are schedule to appear on those channels.

Jenna - When are the Celtics coming to Milwaukee because they hardly ever do!

Celtics.com – The Celtics and the Bucks typically play each other four times per season, with each team hosting two home games. During the 2011-12 NBA season, Boston will visit Milwaukee twice, first on Saturday, Dec. 3, and then again on Tuesday, Feb. 7. We hope you make your way to the Bradley Center and support the C’s while they’re in town!

Joyce - What are the little round "bandaid looking" things that some players wear?

Celtics.com – The items you are referring to are called Titanium Strips or Titanium Pads, and they are produced by a company called Phiten. Many professional athletes use these strips or pads for several reasons. The product description of these items claims that they, “help to reduce fatigue, tension and stiffness caused by stress or exercising.”

Tyler - Hello Celtics!! You guys rock!! I was just wondering if any of you guys had a story behind your number 18 that I see all the time?

Celtics.com – Hey Tyler, thanks for your question. That No. 18 that is often seen and referred to in our commercials, on our Web site, and in plenty of other places, has a pretty important story behind it. The No. 18 that you see refers to Banner 18, which is the championship banner the Celtics are currently pursuing. Boston has raised 17 championship banners in its storied history, and it is now trying to add an 18th. After that title is reeled in, expect to see plenty of No. 19!

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