Rondo Leads Charge at Covidien Fit to Win Event

JAMAICA PLAIN, Mass. – Rajon Rondo, Strength and Conditioning coach Bryan Doo and Lucky met with 32 youth from the BCYF Curtis Hall Community Center Thursday afternoon as part of the Boston Celtics Fit to Win program, in partnership with Covidien.

The Fit to Win program has been an integral part of the Celtics’ community outreach over the last two years and the message has remained the same: live a healthy lifestyle. With obesity rates skyrocketing among youth, it’s more important than ever to reinforce eating healthy foods and exercising on a regular basis.

With that thought in mind, Rondo, Doo and Lucky entered the community center’s gym to the gasps and cheers of the youth. After greeting them, the trio spent some time opening up to the kids about their habits when they were younger.

“Growing up I was extremely active,” said Rondo. “I played baseball, basketball, football and ran track. My mother would have to beg me to come inside at night because I was always out being active. I know that video games are popular now and it’s ok to play them in moderation but I preferred being active. Make sure you’re getting outside and being active too.”

Doo followed Rondo’s words with some advice of his own.

“I want to make sure you all know that you don’t just have to play sports to be active,” he said. “When I was younger I loved jumping rope and riding my bike.”

“To go along with what Brian said, I did gymnastics to stay active,” said Lucky. “Find something you like and do it.”

To give an example of an easy way to exercise, Doo divided the youth into four groups to play a cone game. Kids were racing around the gym trying to flip the cones right-side up or up-side down. It was a simple game, but it showed that you can do anything to stay active. Instead of sitting on the couch watching television, youth can get a few friends and flip cones outside.

The second portion of the event focused on healthy eating. Youth competed against each other to see which team could create the most appealing fruit dessert using a pineapple base, skewers, strawberries, melons, grapes and pineapples for Rondo, Doo and Lucky.

“I want to give you a hint before you start,” said Rondo. “My favorite fruit is pineapple.”

The kids frantically went to work hoping to be the winning team that received an autograph from Rondo. In the end, every youth won because they all received an autograph, but they learned so much more about how to eat healthy.

“Drink plenty of water,” said Doo. “Rondo has had about eight bottles of water already today and it’s only 5 o’clock.”

Rondo summed it up best by saying, “You all are lucky to be healthy with two feet. Some people can’t even walk. Make sure to use all four of your limbs and stay active. Eat the right types of food and enjoy being young. Don’t waste this time in your lives on the couch. Go and hang out with your friends and play a game of basketball, ride a bike or jump rope.”

Fit to Win Fit to Win
Fit to Win Fit to Win