Detroit Pistons' Willie Reed suspended six games

Official release

NEW YORKThe NBA announced today that Willie Reed of the Detroit Pistons has been suspended for six games without pay as a result of a domestic violence incident involving his wife.

The incident occurred on Aug. 5, 2017, in Miami, after which Reed was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor offense. On Oct. 16, 2017, Reed entered into a pretrial diversion program to resolve the criminal charge against him.

The NBA conducted its own investigation into this matter, reviewing all available materials and interviewing the parties involved. The NBA also consulted with a group of domestic violence experts who provide the league with guidance in such cases.

The six-game suspension is based on all facts and circumstances of this matter and considers the conduct and its result, the outcome of the criminal matter, and Reed’s voluntary participation in counseling as well as the court-mandated program, among other factors.

Reed will begin serving his suspension with tomorrow’s game against the Brooklyn Nets.