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Evan Turner says he'll pay fine for Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Terrance Ferguson

No NBA player likes the fine that comes along with garnering a technical foul in a game. Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Terrance Ferguson got the first tech of his career in Sunday’s home loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, but he may not have to pay for the penalty himself.

How he got it was the result of a third-quart scuffle involving Ferguson and teammate Russell Westbrook as well as the Blazers’ Ed Davis and Evan Turner.

Davis came down on Ferguson’s back, and Davis shoved him as the two fell toward the ground. Ferguson got up quickly and went after Davis, and a skirmish followed. Four technical fouls were issued — to Turner and Davis for Portland and to Ferguson and Westbrook for the Thunder.

After the game, Turner felt bad for his role in the incident and that it lead to Ferguson getting his first technical. Turner told Tim Brown of The Oregonian that he plans to pay Ferguson’s fine that comes with the tech:

After the game wrapped up and cooler heads prevailed, Trail Blazers guard Evan Turner – who shoved Ferguson in the back – told reporters that he felt bad about Ferguson earning a technical foul that would net the rookie a fine as a result of the dust-up. Each technical foul call in the NBA comes with a fine of $2,000. Turner claims he is going to pay that fine and didn’t feel Ferguson deserved it due to being a young guy caught up in something “stupid.”

“If someone was messing with Zach [Collins] and they were 10 years older, I would say, why would you bother him? … I don’t feel any good about pushing Ferguson, a 19-year-old.”

Turner was fined $10,000 by the NBA on Tuesday for making an inappropriate gesture during the Thunder-Blazers game on Sunday.

The NBA rule book stipulates that each of the first five technicals of a season costs $2,000 and go up in cost until it hits a maximum of $5,000 per technical. Once a player reaches 16 technicals, he incurs a one-game suspension.