I am pretty much befuddled with what New York has done.

I am not a great fan of Steve Francis. He rubbed me the wrong way when he came into the league and demanded that Vancouver trade him. He just isn't the type of player that can make your team better or that can get you where you are trying to get to. He is very talented, but his skills are built around his individual success and not around the success of a team.

Any time you take on such a brilliant nickname as "Franchise," that name has to have some validity behind it and I don't think he has shown that he is a franchise player. It is not going to work for him even moving to New York.

Larry Brown has to find a way to fit Steve Francis into the Knicks' system.
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This is another in a long list of desperate moves for the Knicks, going back to the Eddy Curry deal. Eddy Curry's success coming to New York has been about as good as my success coming back to Chicago when my career was pretty much done. He hasn't made any impact on that team, which, I am sure for John Paxson, is the best thing to happen. He just let his No. 1 draft pick go and got another one back. It was a good wash for them, because they didn't lose that draft pick. They sort of gambled on it, played with it, let it go, but then they got it back.

Isiah has brought in players on top of players. He isn't giving one player an opportunity to succeed. You have Stephon Marbury there. Then you bring in Jamal Crawford. Now Steve Francis.

What are you going to do with these guys?

These are three guys that love to pound the basketball and create their own shots. Who is going to succeed at that position? To me it seems like they have just told Isiah to just go out there and continue to see if we can have the highest payroll.

I don't see any chemistry with New York. I don't see that trade helping the Knicks in any way and as for Orlando, they have written this season off and are preparing themselves to continue rebuilding their young team. They want to get guys in there that can in the next three or four years be part of what they have been able to establish.

It is going to be the same type of situation. A lot of it has to do with the individual players. Players in today's game are not geared for winning. They aren't geared for a team concept. They're basically trying to get into the game and they have no knowledge as to what the game is really about.

It is going to take a lot of work between Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis to coexist on the basketball side.

A new two-headed point guard?
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Larry Brown will lean with Francis at the point, as the main ball handler. I donít know how well this will sit with Stephon, because he likes to have the ball to penetrate and kick or score.

It will be a very interesting concept if these guys can coexist.

The Magic gave up on Francis and Francis gave up on them. He didnít like the style of play at all. When he first got there, he thought Johnny Davis and Paul Westhead were going to run the Loyola-style break. They didnít run the break.

When Cuttino Mobley left and he looked around and saw it was going nowhere he just didnít feel comfortable and he wasnít "The Man."

Will he be revitalized in New York? Yes. Will they have a little surge at first? Yes. Is it something that will work out in the long run? There are only 30 something games to go. I have my doubts, but again, that is an explosive backcourt with Marbury and Francis.

Penny going to Orlando is interesting after he was pegged for allegedly having a meeting to oust Brian Hill. Now that he's back in Orlando, maybe Hill wants to have a meeting with him. What goes around comes around in the NBA and the Magic clearly acquired Penny for his contract which comes off the books after this season.